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[Datsun 1200 encyclopedia]

A15 Engine

From Datsun 1200 Club

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Categories: A-series Engines | Engine Mechanical

The A15 is a 1488cc engine produced from 1979 through 2011. The stroke was increased by 5 mm from the A14 engine's 77 mm to measure 82 mm. It produces 85hp. At first it used a different block casting but the same 'tall-block' deck height as the A14. For 1980 a common A14/A15 block was introduced. In the Roadstar it is capable of 49 mpg (17,3 km/L). A fuel injected version of the A15 (A15E) was offered in Asian markets.



A15 ID Mark
18238.jpgAlbum 18238

Notice how the block extends above the timing cover by about 1 inch
1870.jpgAlbum 1870 1869.jpgAlbum 1869 17776.jpgAlbum 17776 8022.jpgAlbum 8022 470.jpgAlbum click to view 471.jpgAlbum click to view

A15 Engine deck
4779.jpgAlbum 4779

A15 Engine (left side)
4780.jpgAlbum 4780

10202.jpgAlbum 10202


From 67 to 80 HP

For USA. 1979-1980 were hi-po 80 hp engines. But there was an MPG version of 67 HP. Hi-po comes with 6000 rpm cam and oval.port head. 1981-1982 were H95 mid-range engines with small oval port head and mid-rpm cam.

In Japan, Australia and other markets, A15 after 1982 is the mid-range engine.

USA A15 lo-power fuel economy version with Automatic
Engine Family A140F
67 HP @ 5200 RPM (SAE)
24049.jpgAlbum 24049

Plates after 1980 do not list the Horsepower.
20016.jpgAlbum 20016

A14 vs A15

A15 uses the second A14 block casting (same block as A14):

  • 11010-H9700 A14/A15 BARE BLOCK 76mm/2.99' bore size
    • Bore: 76 mm
    • Stroke A15: 82mm
    • Stroke A14: 77mm
    • Pin Height: The A15 piston has a 30mm pin to crown height, while the A14 has a 32.5mm height

Earlier A14 blocks were slightly different. The A15 oil pan has slight bumps in the side to allow the larger crank to swing without touch the pan sides.

Comparo: Early A14 block with Late A14/A15 block
16259.jpgAlbum 16259


1974-1978 Nissan (commercial) forklift (Asian markets)
1979-1982 Datsun B310 (rear-wheel drive) a.k.a. 210, Sunny or 150Y
1980-1982 Datsun N10 (front wheel drive) a.k.a. 310, Pulsar or Cherry
C120 Vanette 0681-0687
GC22 Vanette 1086-0692
Nissan Vanette C120 June 1980- November 1988
Nissan Vanette C22 September 1985- June 1991
Nissan Vanette SS van & SE truck (S20) April 1994- 1999
Nissan Vanette C22 (1984-2011)
New Zealand
Sportstar and Roadstar utes (B120) from Nissan New Zealand 1980-1985

C22 mid-engine installation
temp-17.jpg temp-16.jpg


See Main Article: Pistons#A15

Nissan Malaysia

Brand new 2010 C22 Nissan Vanette.

Vanette Specs

C120 JDM - H89 Type A15
11041-H8904 HEAD ASSY-CYLINDER A14 Non-Emission Type
* 13201-H6200 VALVE-INTAKE 37mm
* 13202-H6200 VALVE-EXHAUST 30mm
11044-H7202 GASKET-HEAD 76mm
14035-05H01 GASKET-MANIFOLD <> 14035-H8901
* Wet Type
* New Bolt Pattern
13001-H6200 CAMSHAFT A15.K -8209 [248/256 typical use: A14/A15]
13001-H9800 CAMSHAFT A15.(V,T) -8209 [244/248 typical use:emission]
13001-H9800 CAMSHAFT 8209-
C22 JDM - 
11041-G5100, 11041-G5101 CYLINDER HEAD 
* Intake valves: 37mm 13201-H6200 
* Exhaust valves: 30mm 13202-H6200 
* Wet Type
* New Bolt Pattern
13001-H9800 CAMSHAFT 
* 244/248 Duration

A15_vanette-1.jpg A15_vanette-2.jpg A15_vanette-3.jpg

A15black-1.jpg A15black-2.jpg A15black-3.jpg

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