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[Datsun 1200 encyclopedia]

Alan Merrill

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Category: Documentation

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Innovate marketing? Sunny Excellent 1400 Featuring Alan Merrill, a rock star in Japan (and later in England he wrote the song "I love rock and roll"). Photographed 3 March 1971, the Sunny television commercial was filmed at Toho studios.



Alan Merrill was an American vocalist, guitarist and songwriter. The son of an american jazz vocalist, Alan was successful in the popular music arena. In the early 1970s, he was one of the few resident foreigners to achieve pop star status in Japan. He was the writer of, and lead singer on, the first released version of the song "I Love Rock 'n' Roll", which was recorded by his band the Arrows in 1975. The song became a breakthrough hit for Joan Jett in 1982.

 V I D E O  Arrows, I Love Rock N Roll, Alan Merrill (click to view)

Merrill died in New York, USA on March 29, 2020, aged 69, from complications arising from COVID-19.

Newspaper Advertisements

newspaper advert 1971

DATSUN Sunny 1200 & Excellent 1400
28450.jpgAlbum 28450
Including the Hanagatai 1400, Sunny has 30 models. A heart-pounding wide selection — Yes! SUNNY
ハナがたかーい1400を加えてサニーは30車種。 心ときめくワイドセレタションですーYes! SUNNY

ときめき — のあるカルマ —

Fragrant Red Coupe

A car with Crush

27831.jpgAlbum 27831

写真はクーペGX The photo is Coupe GX
27832.jpgAlbum 27832

ハナがたかーい 「ロングノーズ」1400 Hard Flower [long nose] 1400

  • O.H.C. 1400cc - 55?car(GX) 85?car(GL-DX)
  • スピアーッェープ(?の??)のロングノーズ
  • ???て?-「たトータルカフーの?内
  • ?りめ?い??マスタのフロントグリル

新発売 サニー エクセレント 1400 Now On Sale Sunny Excellent 1400
NISSAN 日産自動車 NISSAN Nissan Motor

POST Long Nose Beauty]

Blue Coupe

174_5c5e7e6a40249.jpgPost 490528

 V I D E O  Song: サニー エクセレント 1400


2-sided leaflet advert

27002.jpgAlbum 27002 27003.jpgAlbum 27003


Red KPB110 Excellent 1400
29611.jpgAlbum 29611

ハナがたか〜い ロングノーズ 1400
サニーエクセレント 新発売
The Flower is Tough long nose 1400
Sunny Excellent New Release

29612.jpgAlbum 29612


advertisement with red Excellent coupe

ときめきのある世界へ。 Towards a world full of excitement.

DATSUN Sunny 1200 & Excellent 1400
29610.jpgAlbum 29610 1987 duplicate
from back cover August 12, 1970 edition of "THE SUN"

海に映してみませんか、二人だけの幸せ。胸のときめきを聞いてみましょう。 Why not reflect the happiness of just the two of you on the sea? Let's hear how your heart flutters.

Crush Blue Coupe

ーー ときめきのある世界 ーー
Datsun Sunny 1200 & サニーエクセレント Excellent 1400
Why don't you go see us in the fall? A fresh time that you can feel the blueness of the sky
--- A world with a crush ---
Datsun Sunny 1200 & Sunny Excellent 1400.
Nissan Motor Company

27829.jpgAlbum 27829

blue Excellent GX Coupe (KPB110G)
27830.jpgAlbum 27830
エクセレントクーペGX/1400・O.H.C.・95馬力・レザートップはオプション Excellent Coupe GX/1400 * O.H.C. * 95 horsepower * leather top is optional