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[Datsun 1200 encyclopedia]


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Category: Documentation

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Title: DISCOVER DATSUN 1000 [Diggers with Datsuns]
1969 1200 range Australia
Format:8 page booklet Size:240x240 mm Publication Number:unspecified



29641.jpg#cover 29642.jpg#2 29643.jpg#4 29644.jpg#6 29645.jpg#7 29646.jpg#back


29641.jpgAlbum 29641

Dealer stamp:

43 Thompson Street HAMILTON, VIC.

29640.jpgAlbum 29640

Go prospecting!

29642.jpgAlbum 29642

Photo was reused in the STRIKE IT RICH! advertisment
29639.jpgAlbum 29639

Because you'll strike it rich the moment you switch your attention to the Big new Datsun 1000 range.

There's so much to discover about the new Datsun 1000. And a little digging into this brochure will see you hitting pay dirt. You'll discover that Datsun 1000 is more car in every way!

You'll discover the new Datsun 100 in five smart models — each with its own style, each designed for a particular use, so there'll be a Datsun 1000 to suit you perfectly. Discover the one you like best — and stake your claim.

Two-door or four-door, it's the car for the young, or those who think young. Clean sporty lines that look good on the gold fields — or any anywhere! Datsuns are engineered to give you as much space per inch as possible. For instance, the big boot will hold gear for everyone — and the sturdy suspension will carry all the sacks of gold you can fill.

Relax in Big Car Comfort
Datsun 1000 gives you more space inside with big wide opening doors for the rangiest digger. You can stretch your legs comfortably in the new Datsun 1000 — 4-door or 2-door. And appointments?

It's got the lot!

Heater/demister, windscreen washers, press-button radio, contoured sets (reclining if you like), wall-to-wall carpet, everything. Discovering new Datsun 1000 has an excitement all of its own.

29640.jpg  29647.png

"Off to break new ground" in the 4-door automatic.

New Datsun 1000

29643.jpgAlbum 29643

New Datsun 1000 — it's got the lot! Manual or automatic. The record-setting 62 bhp engine gives ample power for the 3-speed 6-position Nissan full automatic transmission. In fact, the Datsun 1000 automatic has the same power punch as the manual.

If you like racing changes and driving on gears, you'll go for the 4-on-the-floor stick shift. If you enjoy just sitting back and taking it easy, then you'll like the automatic doing the work for you. But whatever you choose, the result is the same. Smooth, easy driving from an excellently engineered power plant. Low fuel consumption. Easy to read instrumentation on the safety facia. Tight, exact handling. The comfort of climate control with the heater/demister and fresh-air ventilation. Plenty of room. Built-in 'extras' for added luxury touches. And throughout the Datsun difference that's like pure gold! Beyond compare in its class.

The 4-door manual at original panning spot.

Discover new Datsun 1000 in any of the five attractive models. And test-drive the one that suits you best. You'll prove to yourself that we've put fun back into driving. And you'll want to get up and go to the many places you've always wanted to see.

29640.jpg  29647.png

"At the Diggings" Clunes. The exact spot where gold was discovered in Victoria July 1851.

Back in Town

29644.jpgAlbum 29644

Mainstreet in heaven
4741.jpgAlbum 4741
Also known as Clunes main street

Five great models — two door sedan, four door sedan manual/automatic, station wagon, and Coupe. Datsun 1000's en masse. More than half a million are on the world's roads, winning races, carrying families, delivering goods — doing everything smoothly, efficiently, and for low running costs.

The 2-door is for younger people who like to get the most out of life with not too much expense — and supreme for those who like a second car. The 4-door is eminently suitable for the family man — it's easy to fit baby's car seats, to get a carry-basket in or out, to carry the kiddies paraphernalia. The station-wagon gives that extra space-great for camping trips and such, when the added cubic-feet can be a real boon. And then there's the Coupe — the hot performer with sleek fastback lines, ideal for 'swingers' of all ages. The styling turns heads wherever the Coupe goes.

Five great models. Discover Datsun 1000 now at your Datsun dealer — and stake your claim ... on the one that suits you best. Because whichever one it is — it's got the lot!

"Back in town" 2-door Coupe in foreground, station wagon at left


29645.jpgAlbum 29645

Engine for Datsun 1000 2-door, 4-door and station wagon models.
4-cylinder in-line water cooled 4-cycle, O.H.V. Bore and stroke 287 x 2.32 in. Capacity 60.3 cu in (988 cc.). Max HP. 62 @ 6,000 RPM. Max torque 61.5 lb. @ 4000 RPM. Compression ratio 8.5:1.
Engine for Datsun 1000 Coupe
4-cylinder in-line, water-cooled, 4 cycle OHV. Bore and stroke 287 x 2.32 in. Capacity 60.3 cu. in. (988 cc.). Max H.P. 66 6,000 R.P.M. Max torque 65.7 ft lb @ 4,000 R.P.M. Compression ratio 9.0:1.

Transmission: 4 speed floor gear shift with full synchromesh, dry single disc clutch with diaphragm spring. Nissan 3 speed full automatic available on 4 door deluxe only — includes 6 position column indicator with 1-2-D-N-R-P.

Fuel System: "HITACHI" Double barrel, down draft type carburettor. Mechanical type diaphragm fuel pump. Paper element air cleaner.

Cooling: Pressurised radiator cooling system. Thermostat control belt driven fan with centrifugal water pump.

Electrical system: 12 volt battery, 40 amp. hour capacity. 250 watt alternator with regulator. Magnetic shift starter. Distributor with mechanical and vacuum control. Brakes: Hydraulic duo servo brakes. Front: two leading shoes. Rear: leading and trailing shoes parking brake mechanically operated on rear wheels. Brake drum dia. 8".

Suspension: Front independent suspension by transverse leaf springs and wishbones with double-acting telescopic type shock absorbers. Torsion bar stabilizer rear semi-elliptic leaf springs with double-acting telescopic type shock absorbers.

Axle: Semi-floating rear axle. Hypoid type final gear. Gear ratio 4.111.

Steering: Recirculating ball steering gears. Turning circle 26.2 ft. Gear ratio 15.0.1. Lock to lock 3.4 turns.



It's Got the Lot!

Datsun 1000 it's got the lot!
29646.jpgAlbum 29646

No other car offers so much for the price. What would normally be 'extras' are built-in. Check over these features that come with your Datsun 1000. Race-styled wheel trims, with the aerodynamic design to help cool your brakes. They look smart, and they work efficiently. They lock on tightly, yet they're easily removed. You'll like this extra that stands the Datsun out from the others.

[image: tyre with full wheel cover]

This is the widest tail-light assembly of any car in the Datsun 1000 class. You get a combination of large flashing indicator lights, big bright stop lights and powerful reversing lights. Datsun designers and engineers have built safety-plus in wherever possible — with no extra cost to you.

[image: tail-light]

[image: front right corner with indicators & headlight]

Another part of Datsun's safety programme. This side indicator makes your intention to turn known to other drivers, no matter what direction they approach you — front, side or rear.

[image: fender mirror]

You'll discover many other safety features in your Datsun 1000, Among them are child-proof anti-burst door locks, 3-point front seat safety belts, 2-speed windscreen wipers with electric washers, a dual braking system with a tandem master cylinder, and exterior wing mirrors.

Also, the interior mirror is self-detaching on impact — and wide for clear vision at all times. And while we're discussing vision, you'll discover that your Datsun 1000 is free of blind-spots. Big safety glass windows with strong narrow columns give you a panoramic view. Even one short sit in a Datsun 1000 will prove you get perfect visibility.

[image: shift indicator on steering column]

Automatic transmission unique in this class. Because Datsun's new Nissan full automatic is 3-speed, 6-position full automatic — the best. You can hold the car in any of the lower gears, even drive it on the gears If you like. Or do like most people — put it in 'D' for drive and let the full automatic do the work for you.

[image: red carpet in front of seat going over the tunnel]

When we boast "It's Got the Lot!" — we naturally include carpet, thick, deep and soft under foot. And in tones that complement the modern Datsun colour schemes.

[image: radio]

Datsun 1000, it's got the lot! which naturally includes a radio: This is a radio with solid-state components and designed with Japanese expertise to give you real high-fidelity sound as you go.

This is a press-button radio. To set up each station, you tune to the station, pull a button out and push it back again. Do this five times with your five favourite stations, and you can change over anytime without taking your eyes from the road.

[image: heater]

A car aerial can be vulnerable — but not on the Datsun 1000. Push it down when you leave the car, turn a key, and your aerial is locked tight. It's a small thing-but Datsun owners appreciate it as they appreciate all 'built-in extras' fitted in the Datsun 1000, like the 2-speed heater/demister.

Comfort-and safety. The heater warms you efficiently as the demister gives you perfect visibility. The best of both worlds, all in one package, well out of leg's way. That's the comfort and safety you have when you get that Datsun difference!

Manoeuvrable? Datsun 1000 turns in only 26.2 feet. Enough said!

[image: car turning on circle]