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[Datsun 1200 encyclopedia]

Davo's Datsun 1200

From Datsun 1200 Club

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Categories: Tech Section | Featured Cars

This is the old Tech Section article

Davo's Datsun 1200
Published by: Davo1200 , On: Sep-26-2002

Scott Davo's Datsun 1200

Type: Coupe
Build Date: 4/71
Engine: A15
Gearbox: Datsun Sunny 5 speed
Diff: 10 bolt Salsbury LSD
Brakes: 10" front, solid disc rear
Suspension: C210 skyline front struts 2" lowered springs, reverse eye 2" lowered rear springs

Extra information:

1. Engine.

The A15 engine has been heavily modified. In now runs an A14 crank, forged race pistons, bored 120thou, larger valves, big ports, double valve springs, twin 45 webers and a rea lumpy cam.

Power is in excess of 150hp. Rev range is above 7500rpm

2. Gearbox

The gearbox is from a late model Sunny. The 5th gear is great but have not used it yet. Clutch is a heavy duty unit. Didnt need a brass button cause the gearbox wont hold up.

3. Diff

The differential is a 10 bolt Salsbury. Very strong and unbreakable. Axles have been cut down to suit the Datsun 1200. Track width is around 1400mm.

4. Brakes

Front rotors are 10" vented discs with Toyota Land Cruiser 4 spot calipers. Rear discs are from standard Skyline as are the calipers. Bendix Metal King pads are also used

5. Suspension

Front struts are c210 skyline parts with modified spring cups, 2" lower springs, Koni shocks Adjustable strut tops, Stanza control arms, 120y sway bar with all new bushes

Rear Suspension are reversed eye springs lowered 2". New bushes all around. Koni adjustable shocks.

6. Interior

Recovered standard dash with extra instruments. Leather Recaro front seats. Sports wheel and short shifter. Stock black trim.

7. Paintwork

All in primer! Color to be chosen at later date.

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