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[Datsun 1200 encyclopedia]


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You can run an aftermarket [[ECU]] without an AFM as long as the ECU is tuned for the specific engine. [[MegaSquirt]] is the DYI ECU of choice. Others have successfully run Haltech, Wolftech, Link, or AEM ECUs with the EGI manifold. Adding a MAP sensor or potentiometer-type TPS is required if an air meter (AFM or MAF) is not used. This is called a speed-density airflow calculation mode. You can run an aftermarket [[ECU]] without an AFM as long as the ECU is tuned for the specific engine. [[MegaSquirt]] is the DYI ECU of choice. Others have successfully run Haltech, Wolftech, Link, or AEM ECUs with the EGI manifold. Adding a MAP sensor or potentiometer-type TPS is required if an air meter (AFM or MAF) is not used. This is called a speed-density airflow calculation mode.
-=== 22611-H9201 ===+s=== 22611-H9201 ===
-The original A14E control unit.+The original A14E control unit. Early JECS A11 mainboard with single connector:
 + top row: 18 mail spade connectors (3? missing)
 + bottom row: 17 male spade connectors
22611-H9201 UNIT ASSY-CNTROL A14E -7806 22611-H9201 UNIT ASSY-CNTROL A14E -7806

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Some 1979-1982 Datsun B310s in Asia markets came with an OEM (factory) EFI system. Nissan called it "EGI" -- Electronic Gasoline Injection (日産 EGI). This is the "rare as" A14E Injection motor (インジェクション エンジン). At 92 horsepower it was far superior to the carbureted 80 hp A14/A15, in fact this was the most powerful A engine offered by Nissan, with more horsepower than the twin-carb GX Engine. This injection system used Hitachi manifold with JECS electronics and BOSCH sensors. It was based on the BOSCH L-jetronic system.



EGI fitted to Datsun 1200
13822_5b4355f85e977.jpgPost 488847

92 PS @ 6000 rpm
A14E -8010 11.7 kgm @ 3600 rpm (85 ft lb)
A15E 8011- 12.3 kgm @ 3600 rpm (89 ft lb)
Compression Ratio: 9.0
Regular unleaded gasoline 

Beauty Item
15095.jpgAlbum 15095

quote: a friend of mine has a system that came on the A14 in the [N10?] M10 Pulsars (very first ones). The set up he got came from Singapore

B310 TV Commercial on U-Tube
174_54bf16454b7bd.jpgPost 64263

 V I D E O  (click to view)

SGX-E with EGI side stripe

A14E engine

92 PS (DIN horsepower)
26590.jpgAlbum 26590

Why, yes! you can turbo an EGI system
26415.jpgAlbum 26415 12563.jpgAlbum 12563

The A-series fuel injected engine came in:

  • 7809-8102 N10 A14E Langley (Pulsar) -- Asian markets
  • 1978-up Feb - B310 A14E & A15E Sunny 1400SGX-E Coupe -- Asian markets

A14E was available until October 1980. It was replaced by A15E in November 1980. The A15E is nearly identical but features a dual-outlet exhaust manifold.


at SSS as I remember at one stage they had import carbie A15 engines for round $600 and injected A14 and A15 for around $800
Reportedly, Nepean Sports classics in Castlereagh NSW was selling import motors. carlos' son ran one. These are fairly sought after by the rally guys as the narrow runners provide torque and the length also good top end, too small for a big A15 though.

These possibly came in later model Nissan Vanettes, the reason they seem rare is both my manifolds broke across the bottom of no's 1 & 2 inlet runner. Plus it suffers from reversion with a big cam.

These were also available in asian markets (Japan, Singapore, etc).

  • A14 EGI = HB310 (1978-1980) Type-GX & SGX
  • A15 EGI = PB310 (1980-1981) Type-GX & SGX
As for the name in Japan, Nissan calls EGI and Toyota EFI. Although the EGI system should excel Carburettors in the performance, old EGI is inferior to Carburettors.

A series injection manifold
4217.jpgAlbum 4217

* My fuel injection system arrived
* manifolds

B310 factory setup (less air intake tube):

  • This car is missing the air induction piping that goes across the radiator (see 200SX EFI for layout and diagrams)
  • As you can see here, the setup is nearly identical to 1980 200SX EFI system.

B310 Engine
22795.jpgAlbum 22795 22796.jpgAlbum 22796

B310 Factory Setup
2408.jpgAlbum click to view 2409.jpgAlbum click to view 2410.jpgAlbum click to view 2411.jpgAlbum click to view A14E_1.jpg

12563.jpgAlbum 12563

EGI with Turbo
13822_5416c9394528d.jpgPost 459804

Service Manual

A14 Electronic Gasoline Injection Service Manual
20014.jpgAlbum click to view

Since this electronic fuel injection system directly measures the air flow rate, it is called the "L-Jetronic system", the "L" being taken from the German "Luft" (air).

Datsun model series S30 factory service manual

A detailed overview of the EGI system is in Service Bulletin No. 350 "Introduction of Datsun Sunny 1400 GX-E SGX-E Model" (Japanese language)
25716.jpgAlbum click to view (see GX-E)

This Hitachi EGI is explained in the English-language factory Service Manual for the Datsun 280Z (this manual is easier to get than the Japanese-only B310/N10 service manuals).

Datsun 280Z Service Manual
Electronic Fuel Injection System Construction and Function --- page EF-3

EF-3 Features
EF-3 Electronic Fuel Injection System Operation
EF-6 Electronic Control System
EF-8 Fuel Injection Pulse
EF-12 EFI System Component Parts
EF-20 Trouble Diagnoses
EF-20 Inspection
* EF-20 Description
* EF-21 Continuity Check
* EF-30 Checking Functional Parts
* EF-40 Removal and Installation


This factory Nissan setup was designed for typical mass-market street performance. Expect better low-speed horsepower performance than a stock DCH306 carburetor (due to the longer runners), AND increased peak horsepower.

Quite a large horsepower difference:

ドアセダン1500 SGX-E
エンジン: A15E型 
最高出力 PS/rpm: 92/6000 
最大トルク Kgm/rpm: 12.3/3600 
クーペ1400 RS-E
形式 A14E型 
最高出力 PS/rpm 92/6400 
最大トルク Kgm/rpm 11.7/3600 
Nissan product page

However, it is not a racing system. In a heavily modified engine, carburetion has more potential:

A factory EFI setup imported from Japan was tried, and found to be much smoother, but ... restrictive above 6000rpm when used with the [racing] cam.

large photo
12874_4b58715469235.jpgUpload click to view

Apparently the EFI has less restriction than the stock single carburetor, as it frees up HP in the upper RPMs, with no loss of torque.

EGI is a win-win situation when compared to the stock carburetor - more power, more torque, although it may run a bit richer than the carburetor.

Both curves superimposed. Note increases above 4000 RPM

174_5c0879bc6f504.jpgPost 490079


11010-H9200 A14E
11010-H9260 A15E
Standard parts
* Rods
* Crank & pulley
* A15 rings
* bushings/bearings
* flywheel


EGI used unique pistons

12010-H9211 A14E -7909
12010-H9221 A14E 7910- <2,0> 12010-H9211
12010-H9261 A15E
12033-H9910 A14E
12033-H9800 A15E/A15S

17554_57ffc7aed4c1e.jpgPost 481775

Cylinder Head

H92 cylinder head with standard A14-size valves (37/30 mm), wet intake manifold but with dual-valve springs like a GX head. Casting mark is 'H891'.

17554_57ffc7b983c40.jpgPost 481775 17554_58047c11298e9.jpgPost 481894 174_580582053decd.jpgPost 481916


EGI engines use the same camshaft as twin-carb engines. It has the GX profile, but is made for the new (1974-up) engine style.

13001-H5700 CAMSHAFT [Typical use: Performance engine] 
* 248/256 duration .331 lift
* JPN B210 A12T, A14T 
* JPN B310 A14E, A15E


21833.jpgAlbum click to view

* has notches at the top for the injectors

You can use a standard A14 wet gasket (for manifold with water ports) and notch it.
19099.jpgAlbum 19099


The exhaust manifolds have not a Heat Riser valve, and do not fasten to the bottom of the intake manifold like the A12GX manifold.

A14E has a free-flowing single outlet exhaust manifold. Certain other late model A-series engines are similar, but the A14E manifold is unique.
21846.jpgAlbum 21846

A15E has a twin-outlet exhaust which looks nearly identical to A12GX Engine
4084.jpgAlbum 4084

* Single outlet (A14-style, uses regular A14 Exhaust piping)
* 1.5 exhaust. The inner portion is about 1-5/8 max diameter
21847.jpgAlbum click to view
* dual-plane design
* Dual outlet (A12GX-style)
* 20711-H9200 GASKET-EXHAUST
* 20020-H9200 TUBE ASSY-EXHAUST FRONT [to convertor] NICHIRA A15E F5
* 20020-H9210 TUBE ASSY-EXHAUST FRONT [to convertor] NICHIRA A15E F4
* 20602-P6700 NUT [for pipe to manifold] (3) $4.53 USD
** replaced 20602-F1700 NUT 
Sheet-metal cover over the manifold:

The tube is for EGR, and bolts to the bottom of the intake manifold
21832.jpgAlbum click to view


See Main Article: EGI intake manifold

Throttle Body

2950.jpgAlbum 2950

16118-H9200 CHAMBER ASSY-THROTTLE A14E -7909 (to Sep. 1979)
16118-H9201 CHAMBER ASSY-THROTTLE A14E 7909- (from 9 1979)
* 16122-N1400 BOLT-CHAMBER A14E (4)
** 08915-13800 WASHER (4)
16175-H9200 GASKET-THROTTLE RETURN [Throttle body]
22620-W7060 SENSOR ASSY-ACCELE [throttle angle sensor]
* 08310-40814 SCREW (2)

throttle chamber
941.jpgAlbum 941

Much larger than stock, a CA20 throttle body will bolt on:
3685.jpgAlbum click to view 1877.jpgAlbum click to view

On bottom of throttle body:
21836.jpgAlbum 21836

16484-H9200 VALVE-SERVO (FICD)
* 22156-85056 WASHER-SPRING
* 16485-U9800 SCREW
* 16599-N3600 CAP-CONNECTOR [for non-Aircon cars]

throttle linkage
21835.jpgAlbum 21835

16182-H7820 DASHPOT ASSY TO 8004
* 08360-61214 SCREW

Block Ventilation (PCV)

The crankcase is ventilated on top by a breather hose from the rocker cover to the fitting on the throttle body. The bottom of the block is positively vented as usual by the PCV valve.

Rocker Cover Breather connects to the top fitting on the throttle body
(early A14E uses same rocker cover as regular A12 but in gold color)
21851.jpgAlbum 21851

13264-H9200 COVER ASSY-VALVE ROCKER -7909 [Gold Top, rear breather]
13264-H9201 COVER ASSY-VALVE ROCKER 7910- [Gold Top, front breather]

The PCV bolts to the back end of the plenum, and connects by hose down to the normal block breather tube.
21850.jpgAlbum 21850

PCV Hose Assy - Lower Hose goes from Block Breather Tube to the Valve screwed into rear of plenum
2-6_.jpgEGI blowby system

Early EGI engines - rocker cover with rear vent (early A14E)
26589.jpgAlbum 26589

Late EGI engines - rocker cover with front vent (from October 1979, A14E & A15E)
26590.jpgAlbum 26590

ECU Control

NOTE: For an alternative to the stock ECU, see EGI MegaSquirt

The ECU is located in the left kick panel area of the B310, in the passenger compartment, away from dampness and vibration. It is made by JECS.

Control Unit Assembly, engine
コントロ-ル ユニツト アツセンブリ-,エンジン
#22611-H9201 UNIT ASSY-CNTROL A14E -7806 <> 22611-H9202
#22611-H9202 UNIT ASSY-CNTROL A14E 7807-8010
29708.jpgAlbum 29708

The factory ECU is a variation of Bosch L-Jetronic (air-Jetronic), thus it requires a matching Airflow Meter. This air-measuring meter allows the ECU to run well automatically on different size engines.

if you use the matching AFM, you can use a different Datsun ECU such as the L18E or the L20Z ECU. Because it is not an MAF (mass air flow) system, the AFM needs to match the calibration in the ECU.

You can run an aftermarket ECU without an AFM as long as the ECU is tuned for the specific engine. MegaSquirt is the DYI ECU of choice. Others have successfully run Haltech, Wolftech, Link, or AEM ECUs with the EGI manifold. Adding a MAP sensor or potentiometer-type TPS is required if an air meter (AFM or MAF) is not used. This is called a speed-density airflow calculation mode.

s=== 22611-H9201 === The original A14E control unit. Early JECS A11 mainboard with single connector:

   top row: 18 mail spade connectors (3? missing)
bottom row: 17 male spade connectors
22611-H9201 UNIT ASSY-CNTROL A14E -7806

Compatible with the newer 22611-H9202.

29708.jpgAlbum 29708 29709.jpgAlbum 29709 29710.jpgAlbum 29710 29711.jpgAlbum 29711

A11-000 401
8501 A14


22611-H9202 UNIT ASSY-CNTROL A14E 7807-8010

For A14E, backwards compatible with #22611-H9201

29712.jpgAlbum 29712 29713.jpgAlbum 29713

Only for use with S53 year emissions (1978, 1979 and 1980 A14E).

29714.jpgAlbum 29714
Caution: Do not install this part on any vehicle other than those that comply with the S53 year [1978] exhaust gas regulations. If installed incorrectly, the part may be damaged.

The EGI control unit checker must be used with the dedicated adapter (EG1131 0100, EG1135 0100) for vehicles that comply with the 1978 exhaust gas regulations.


Analog ECU (no microprocessor)

ECU model series A11 powered. Pins are different on the different models. A14E has all pins in place, but others are missing a few to many pins.

NOTE: 22611 part number is also used by JECS for Subaru
A11 main board
B310  22611-H9201 A11-000 401 A14
810               A11-602 240 L24
200SX             A11-625 574 Z20
      22611-N8801 A11-000 590 L18 0679-0681
280ZX 22611-P8600 A11-000 428 L28MT

A11 CPU-based

New connectors

N13               A11-A74 B54 78
910  22611-D5901 A11-A77 C67 82 L20
                   23710-82A00 A11-A68 B50
                               A11-B30 BA6 91 Sentra/Sunny
                               A11-B22 B98 38
                               A11-690 B00 5222 70 1987 Sentra w/HD63A03XP CPU

HD63A03XP microcontroller is based on Motorola 6800

Air Cleaner and Flow Meter

The Datsun ECU calculates the air mass by metering of airflow and air temperature (warm air weighs less than cold air). So using the correct AFM is important.

This is unlike the newer Mass Air Flow sensors which indicate air mass directly. The Datsun ECU does not work with Mass Airflow sensors. Bosch LH-Jetronic used a MAF sensor - the H is for Hitzdraht (Hotwire) which is part of the MAF technology.


The air cleaner and flow meter is bolted to the left front corner in the B310.


Air Cleaner Element, Air Flow Meter, and Hose

* 08363-62038 BOLT (4) [fixing air cleaner L-section to flow meter]
** 08363-61238 BOLT
** 08360-81414 BOLT
16578-H9200 HOSE ASSY-AIR DUCT [from flow meter to throttle body]
* 08723-19000 CLAMP
* 08723-17300 CLAMP

174_5dd1b9f6947a9.jpgPost 493092 22680-H9200.jpg airflow_meter_.jpg

POST Reportedly, the L-series AFM works with the A14E ECU. It is a larger diameter so may improve high-RPM breathing.

Air Duct
62860-H9201 DUCT AIR [goes across radiator, above the engine fan]
Air Cleaner
* 16546-N4210 Filter Air $9.58 USD
 * replaced 16546-N4200 ELEMENT ASSY
* 16536-N4201 PACKING [air cleaner housing gasket] $13.10 USD
* 16516-N4200 BOLT-CENTER [wing nut] [fixing top cover]
* 08363-61638 BOLT [fixing bottom pan]
Air Induction Valve
* includes 14845-N8000 VALVE ASSY-AIR INDUCE
* 16597-G2100 FILTER ASSY [for air induction valve] $12.12 USD
* 08363-61638 BOLT (2) [fixing L-section to fender]
* 16558-N6910 GASKET [fixing air cleaner bottom to L-section] $3.55 USD
** 08310-51614 BOLT (10)

Idle Air Bypass

Nissan calls this the Air Regulator. The ECU turns this on to raise the idle speed for cold starts (fast idle).

Air Regulator Hose A goes to throttle body
21837.jpgAlbum 21837

Regulator Hose B goes to intake manifold
21836.jpgAlbum 21836

* 08710-61622 BOLT (2)
* 16439-N4202 CLAMP-HOSE
* 08723-12000 CLAMP
* 16439-N4202 CLAMP-HOSE
* 08723-12000 CLAMP

Air Regulator Parts

Potential alternative parts
* Fit unverified
* Calibration unknown
22660-N4210 280Z auxiliary air regulator, 280ZX idle air control
22660-N6910 S110.Z20E


Sensors for the ECU in the factory configuration include:

* Throttle Position Sensor
* Coolant temperature
* Intake air temperature
* Oxygen sensor from July 1981
  Earlier B310s did not have a lambda sensor

Coolant temperature. Nissan calls this the Temperature Sensor
#B in this diagram, on bottom of intake manifold
21839.jpgAlbum 21839

Intake air temperature (IAT) is located in the flow meter
Flow meter at extreme bottom right

Temperature Gauge sensor on cylinder head is the standard type (same as Datsun 1200). It is not used by the factory ECU, but is for the temperature gauge in the dashboard.
174_4e0eca3763e03.jpgUpload click to view

Oil pressure sensor is the standard one to operate the gauge light. It is not connected to the ECU. However, it is connected to the fuel pump relay (see Fuel Pump Relay 3).

Throttle Valve Switch

Throttle Position Sensor (TPS): Black box bolts to side of throttle body. Nissan calls this the "Throttle Valve Switch".

Black box bolts to side of throttle body.
5S5295_a.jpg TH115.jpg 5S5295.jpg

22620-W7060 Accelerator Sensor

Also called:
Throttle Position Sensor (TPS)
throttle angle sensor
Accelerator Sensor
Throttle Valve Switch

TPS is #22620 in this diagram
2950.jpgAlbum 2950

TPS is #J in the photo
21838.jpgAlbum 21838

The Throttle Valve Switch has two contacts, one for idle position sense, and one for full-throttle position sense. It is not a potentiometer-style TPS. It can be adjusted to show idle position (spec is under 1400 rpm).

Idle switch check

  1. Disconnect ground/earth lead from battery
  2. Disconnect connector at Throttle Valve Switch
  3. Connect ohmmeter to pins 2 & 18. Continuity should appear at idle position, and no continuity at 4 degrees throttle opening

Full throttle switch check

  1. Disconnect ground/earth lead from battery
  2. Disconnect connector at Throttle Valve Switch
  3. Connect ohmmeter to pins 3 & 18. Gradually open the throttle. Continuity should appear at 34 degrees throttle opening and continue through 90 degrees.

Insulation Check

  1. Disconnect ground/earth lead from battery
  2. Disconnect connector at Throttle Valve Switch
  3. Put black ohmmeter lead on metal bolting tabs of Throttle Valve Switch (or bare engine earth/ground). # Put red lead on terminal 2. No continuity should appear between Throttle Valve Switch housing metal and terminal 2. Meter should show infinite resistance.
  4. Repeat for terminals 3 and 18 and earth/ground.


  1. Ensure the gap between idle stopper screw and lever is 1.3 mm
  2. Loosen two bolts
  3. Rotate Throttle Valve Switch until continuity between contact 2 & 18 disappear
  4. Tighten bolts

Alternative Adjustment

  1. Run engine at 1400 RPM
  2. Pop the plastic cover off the Throttle Valve Switch
  3. Loosen two bolts
  4. Rotate Throttle Valve Switch until points just open
  5. Tighten bolts


Fuel System

Dropping Resistor

The dropping resistor is located in the left hood ledge area of the B310, forward of the strut.

22698-N4202 RESISTOR-DROPPING -0780 $60.65 USD
22698-W1401 RESISTOR-DROPPING 0880- <>22698-W1411 <5> 22698-D0300
01451-00171 SCREW (2)
Main article: Dropping Resistor includes 
* Specifications
* Source vehicles 
 (the same Resistor pack was used by many Nissans)

22698-N4202 (JECS A15-000571)
21853.jpgAlbum 21853


See main article: Injectors#16603-N7616
Nissan 16603-N7616 GREEN JECS A46-000001 hose feed
16612-N8500 HOLDER-INJECTOR [lower] 7910- $6.33 USD
* replaced 16612-N4200 HOLDER-INJECTOR -7909
16610-N1400 HOLDER-INJECTOR U $7.22 USD
* 08310-53012 SCREW
* 08915-13510 WASHER

Fuel Piping

The factory fuel-rail is a brazed ring. The top of the ring supplies the injectors. Fuel enters the bottom center of the ring.

Fuel outlet is from a Pressure Regulator bolted to the ring. It is attached to intake vacuum, and lets a more or less fuel back to the oulet pipe (Rising-Rate regulator).
939.jpgAlbum 939
This photo shows a simplied vacuum connection to the Regulator.

21838.jpgAlbum click to view

  • 17520-H9203 TUBE ASSY-FUEL
    • 08360-81412 BOLT (2)
    • 08915-13810 WASHER (2)
    • 16443-N7615 HOSE FUEL L=85
    • 16440-U8715 TUBE-FUEL RETURN
  • M: Fuel inlet
  • N: Fuel outlet
  • O: 22660-N4700 REGULATOR ASSY-PRESSURE [fuel]
    • 16443-N4710 HOSE-FUEL (2)
      • 16439-N4710 CLAMP-HOSE (4)
    • 02141-31700 TUBE-VACUUM PRESSURE REGULATOR -7909 L=31 S/# B2318-73002
    • 22323-W7504 TUBE-VACUUM PRESSURE REGULATOR 7910- L=170 S/# B2320-Y4000
    • 01552-00481 CLAMP-EGI HARNESS A15E
    • 24220-89985 CLAMP-EGI HARNESS A14E -7909
    • 22472-M7000 CLAMP-EGI HARNESS A14E 7910-

Fuel Pump

The nice thing about the factory system is that it uses an external fuel pump. This fits below the fuel tank in the B310, 280ZX or 200SX.

  • 43-64 psi Cut-off discharge pressure
  • 5.1 amps Design current, so use a relay (see wiring section)

280ZX pump and damper
21845.jpgAlbum click to view

Fuel pressure (after fuel filter)

  • 30 psi at idle
  • 37 psi at Initial full throttle

Since the 1200 fuel tank is baffled only for carburetor, you might wish to fit a anti-swirl pot under the bonnet. Run a low pressure fuel pump to it. And the EFI pump from the pot to the filter & fuel rail. If you get a float-style pot you wouldn't even need to fit a return line to the 1200 tank.

Check valve fits between tank and pump.

High-flow fuel filter is under the bonnet.

  • 16400-00004 Fuel filter 280ZX $12.08 USD
17011-P7211 PUMP ASSY-FUEL $286.12 USD
* replaced 17011-N4205 PUMP ASSY-FUEL A15E 
* replaced 17011-Y8000 PUMP ASSY-FUEL A14E
17012-F2001 BRACKET-FUEL PUMP $25.70 USD
22675-N4205 Damper Diaphram $110.53 USD
* replaced 22675-N4200 DAMPER-FUEL
16420-E0100 SPACER-FUEL PUMP [blank-off plate] $16.10 USD
* 00915-13610 WASHER (2)
* 08120-61210 BOLT (2)
motorfuelpumpblockoffZ20Z22.jpg Fuel Pump Blank
16400-Q0800 STRAINER ASSY-FUEL [fuel filter] $15.38 USD
** 01461-00061 SCREW

Emission Controls

A14E and A15E used EGR and Exhaust Air Induction.

 See Main Article: EGI emissions


See main article: EGI Wiring

Builds/Feature Cars

See Main Article: frankthedolphintrainer
15095.jpgAlbum 15095

Photo Index

See main article: EGI Photo Index

24729.jpgAlbum 24729