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[Datsun 1200 encyclopedia]

Engine Replacement

From Datsun 1200 Club

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Categories: Engine Mechanical | Engine Removal And Installation


  1. Block the wheels and/or set the handbrake
  2. Remove negative Battery cable
  3. Remove air cleaner
  4. Unbolt the air cleaner stay (heater hose is fastened to this)
  5. Optional: (to lessen chance of breaking the cap) Remove cap & spark plugs wire
  6. Remove radiator
    1. Drain radiator into bucket
    2. Remove one end of radiator hoses
    3. If fitted with heater, remove both end of upper radiator hose.
    4. If fitted, remove radiator overflow hose and catch container
    5. If shroud is fitted, unscrew lower 1/2 from upper and two bolts on lower half. Remove lower 1/2.
    6. Unbolt the 4 bolts and remove radiator
  7. Optional: (to lessen chance of breaking the fan) Remove fan by four 10mm bolts
  8. Remove wires from Distributor
  9. Remove the three wires from Alternator. 8mm nuts + T-connector
  10. Pull off carburetor/emissions wires
    1. Choke wire: Red
    2. Anti-diesel valve
    3. Throttle opener solenoid
  11. Pull off oil pressure wire
  12. Unbolt Negative battery cable from engine (stock location: 12mm oil pump bolt)
  13. Unbolt exhaust pipe from manifold. Two 12mm long-nuts.
  14. Remove heater hose from rear of cylinder head
  15. Remove accelerator cable
    1. Inside the cabin, pull the clip off the acclerator pedal, and move the cable away from the pedal
    2. In engine compartment, unscrew the cable from the firewall and pull it free
  16. Remove the two 14mm bolts holding the starter to the transmission. No need to remove the electrical connections.
  17. Unbolt engine brackets from the insulators. 12mm on old 1200s, 13mm on newer.
  18. Remove fuel hose from fuel pump inlet, and fix up high or plug it up with a plain shanked M6/1/4" bolt so it won't leak.
  19. Unbolt engine from transmission
    1. From underneath, remove the three 10mm bolts fastening the transmission dust shield. Remove shield
    2. Place jack under transmission and jack up slightly
    3. Slip accelerator cable from clips on top transmission bolt
    4. Remove six 12mm bolts. Can be done from above.
  20. Remove the hood. You can do this anytime, but it shades you from the sun while doing previous steps.
  21. Attach crane to engine block, lift to clear engine mounts
  22. Adjust the jack under the transmission
  23. Pull engine forward, gently prying from transmission
  24. Check that all wires and hoses are free
  25. Lift engine high enough to clear the radiator support panel, then pull the crane back to liberate the engine


  1. Extractors/Headers already hooked up in the engine compartment?
    1. Remove alternator
    2. Remove LH engine mount bracket
  2. Lower engine into bay
  3. Push the crane back to move engine against transmission
  4. By hand, adjust the angle and push into transmission
  5. Repeat removal steps above in opposite order
  6. When filling radiator, note that engine should be run to full temp, then allowed to cool down and re-top-off the radiator. It will burp some air out so needs to be checked this way. An easy way to refill with minimal 'burping' required is to run the front wheels up on ramps or park the vehicle on an incline so that the radiator cap is the highest point in the system.

Pull Engine + Transmission

I'm getting ready to put everything back and it's way easier to bolt it all together out of the car but is it a headache to install them as a unit?

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