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[Datsun 1200 encyclopedia]


From Datsun 1200 Club

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Category: General Information

Datsun 1200 Encyclopedia FAQ

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Organizing An Article

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How Do I Link To Another Encyclopedia Page?

Like this:

[[Datsun 1200]]

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You can also give the link a custom label, like this:

[[Datsun 1200|Custom Label]]

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Photos FAQs

How to make a click-able photo?

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Adding a Category to a page

Say you write a page "L-series Engine Swaps". Be sure to add the category to the bottom of the page:

[[Category:Engine Removal And Installation]]

This will list the page on the appropriate category page automatically and also provides a link near the top of the page to the category page. Now they are cross-linked and indexed.

Where Can I see a list of Categories?

The list of top-level Categories is here: Datsun 1200 encyclopedia.

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Option 1: Paste an HTML table in. It is displayed as normal.

Option 2: Use a wiki table.

HTML Tables

Use this option if you are good with HTML or can copy/paste an existing table.

Part Number@Ex. DurIn. DurIn. OpenIn. CloseEx. CloseEx. OpenLift (in)Reference

OPTIONAL: Give the table the class "wiki_table" to give it a quick formatted look. Overide the width with [style="width:600px"]. TH can be used to make the first row pop
Part Number@Ex. DurIn. DurIn. OpenIn. CloseEx. CloseEx. OpenLift (in)Reference
20180.jpgAlbum click to view

Wiki Tables

Engine Displacement
A12 1171 cc
A14 1397 cc

To create this table, enter this:

! Engine
! Displacement
| A12
| 1171 cc
| A14
| 1397 cc

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