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[Datsun 1200 encyclopedia]


From Datsun 1200 Club

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Category: Body

For 1972, Japan Domestic Market models received a minor change. It was given a facelift with new taillights, grille & trim on the sedan & new dash & interiors on both the Coupe & Sedan & Van (truck was unchanged). Note that the new hood, commonly called a "GX bonnet", was actually used for all trim, including Deluxe, GL, GX and even Standard too. 1972 昭和47 (S47). B110 was sold 1970-1972 in Japan, with the B210 debuting for 1973.



Facelift changes by model:

  • Sedan: All changes
  • Coupe: All changes except taillights & grille
  • Van: All changes except taillights & bonnet
  • Truck: Door panels only

1972 lineup

Included in the 1972 facelift were new:

* Badges
* Hood - except Van continued to use the original
* Sedan Tail Lights (coupe lights did not change)
* Interior trim & Door Cards, including front seat cushions
* Sedan/Van Grille (coupe grille did not change)
* Hooded #1972 Dash, with new gauges

1972 Dash

Hooded Dash, with new gauges
24004.jpgAlbum 24004

Hooded-gauge Instrument Panel
23173.jpgAlbum 23173

Revised Gauges with new Font face
23447.jpgAlbum 23447

new anti-glare covers for gauges
18701.jpgAlbum 18701


Coupe received updated Coupe Badges for the Facelift. Grille and Tail Lamps continued as before.

* Grille center ornament changed to 'Flying S' style (DX,GL,GX)
* Grill right trim badges (GL, GX) subtly changed
* Rear badge (center) 'Flying S' (DX,GL,GX)

5266.jpgbrochure 865.jpgAlbum 865

Interior trim & Door Cards
29626.jpgAlbum 29626


Sedan received updated Grille and Tail Lamps for the Facelift. By contrast, Coupes continued with the original items.

Van changes were similar to the sedan, with the exception that Van continued to use the original bonnet.

New grille, bonnet & Sedan badges
25974.jpgAlbum 25974

Rear: new Tail Lights & badges
25975.jpgAlbum 25975

Interior trim & Door Cards
29627.jpgAlbum 29627

Export Markets

Export models continued as before. The export Datsun 1200s were continuations of the basic 1970-1971 car with only mechanical improvements as they were introduced into production. For the most part, none of the Facelift body & trim upgrades were included.

  • 1200 utes used the Facelift sedan door panel card design 1972-1994.
  • Datsun 620 pickup used the Facelift gauge designs (speedometer & clock). 1200 utes 1978-up adopted them too.
  • South Africa sedans used the Facelift grille with the original badges



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