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Category: Rear Axle And Rear Suspension

The Hitachi H150 differential was fitted to 1975-up Sunny RWD models, starting in September 1974. It has a 150mm (5.91 inch) ring gear, so is stronger than the H145 that was fitted to previous models. H150 is strong enough to handle the torque from A14 and A15 engines. Datsun used the H150 for all A14-powered cars. Also used by Violet A10 with A14 engine.



The Hitachi H150 was fitted to B210s and B310s with A14 and A15 engine. It can cope with more torque than the smaller H145 (the H145 was never fitted behind A14 engines). Good for maybe 125 lb. ft. of torque.

23983.jpgAlbum 23983 38100-H7000-2.jpg

Ratios from a economy oriented 3.545 to a performance 4.111 were factory offered. In addition, Nismo sold racing (high RPM) ratios of 4.250, 4.375 and 4.625.

174_5ae277ce11ca6.jpgPost 488186 9176.jpgAlbum 9176

H150 vs H150A

H150A is the 2nd revision and is a strengthened type. It is identical to the early H150 but can can higher and lower ratio gearsets due to a changed offset.

H150  3.889 to 4.111
H150A 3.545 to 4.625

The changed offset means there are different gearsets. 3.889 and 4.11 were available for both carriers:

3.889 (H150)  38100-H5000
3.889 (H150A) 38100-H7100
4.111 (H150)  38100-H5100
4.111 (H150A) 38100-H7200

Revised H150A gear carrier marked with an 'A'
16206.jpgAlbum 16206


H145 can be distinguished by studs, whereas H150 uses bolts to fasten the diff to the case.

For 1980 and newer vehicles, look at the engine compartment build plate. It will list whether you have an H150A (HB) or regular H150 (HA).


HA38 - 3.889 ratio 
HB37 - 3.700 ratio 
H?34 - 3.454 ratio

The H150 flange is round. Some (if not all) H165 are rectangular.


H145: scalloped flange, bolt hole rectangle 36 x 50 mm
174_5a58324e15d6b.jpgPost 487206

H150: 45 x 54 mm round or rectangular flange
H165: 45 x 54 mm round or rectangular flange

There are some differences between flanges on H165's, some long (~217.5mm from carrier mounting face to driveshaft flange face), some short (~202.5mm). Depth of hole for centering boss varies also.

H190: 50 x 60 mm, round or rectangular
174_56f08227124b3.jpgPost 477495 H190_510_Flange.jpg


Measure the gear
25277.jpgAlbum 25277

H145 measures 145mm
H150 measures 150mm
H165 measures 165mm
H190 measures 190mm


  B10: H145, 3.900 
 VB10: H145, 4.375 (van/wagon)
  B20: H145, 4.375 S.T.D. / 4.625 Optional (ute/pick-up)
 B110: H145 3.900
VB110: H145 4.111 (van/wagon)
PB110: H165 4.111
 B120: H165 4.111 (ute/truck)
 B210 1974: H145 3.900
 B210 1975-up: H150 3.700 or 3.889
PB210: H165
GB211: H165
 B310: H150 various
  A10: H165 various


Axle Codes
H = Hitachi removable gear carrier (pumpkin/centre section)
HA - H145 (145mm diameter ring gear, 5.709 inch)
HB - H150 (150mm diameter ring gear, 5.906 inch)
HC - H165 (165mm diameter ring gear, 6.496 inch)
HD - H190 (190mm diameter ring gear, 7.480 inch) ALUMINUM CARRIER
HF - H190A revised for strength
EXAMPLE: HF38 = H190 with 3.889 ratio was factory fitted

Axle code is on Chassis Identification plate 1980-on, in the engine compartment. Starting in mid-80s, Axle Code is on door-jamb sticker.
21048.jpgAlbum 21048

Factory LSD has a sticker on the back of the diff housing.


To verify the ratio in the vehicle matches the original equipment (or build tag), you may count turns of the wheel vs turns of the driveshaft. If slightly less than 4 turns of the driveshaft results in one turn of the wheels, it is a 3.9 ratio. If it takes a bit more than 4 turns, it is a 4.111 ratio.

Even better is to note the stamped numbers on the ring gear. For example, this unit is stamped 39:11
24439.jpgAlbum 24439

39 divided by 11 = 3.545 ratio
25276.jpgAlbum 25276

Pinion gear is similarly stamped
25278.jpgAlbum 25278


The H150 is good for maybe 125 lb. ft. of torque, enough for any A-series engine. The H145 was rated for less than the torque of an A14, so do not use it with an A14, it is not guaranteed to last.


(1974 B210 came with H145)
1975-1978 B210 from September 1974
* A-series models only
1977-1982 B310
1977-1978 A10 JDM Violet/Stanza with A14


For Australian production, there were only two ratios available in the H150 differential:

  • 3.9 was used in all cars powered by an A12 or A14 engine (most of the Sunny wagons in Australia were A14 equiped)
  • 3.7 was used in the A15 powered Sunny Wagon because the increased torque of the A15 engine allowed it to handle the load quite happily even with the slightly taller gearing. So acceleration is still the same, even though the gear is taller. If the 3.7 was fitted to an A14, it would accelerate more slowly.

120Y diff
5941.jpgAlbum 5941 5942.jpgAlbum 5942 5944.jpgAlbum 5944


These Japan market vehicles used the H150:

B210/B211 A12 7409- 3.889
B211      A14       3.889 or 4.111
B310      A12/A14   3.889
          A15       3.700
A10       A14       3.889

North America

Ratios from Nissan North America:

1975-1979 4sp and auto: 3.889 
1975-1979 5sp: 3.70 
3.889 AUTO, A12 1979-1980
3.700 MANUAL(A14) 1979-1980
3.545 AUTO(CAL),A12 1981-1982
3.545 MANUAL(A14,MPG) 1981-1982
3.700 MAN(A15),AUTO(FED,CAN) 1981-1982
3.545 MANUAL(A15,MPG) 1980
B310 1979: 3.545 (A14 MPG 4-speed)


Ring gear offset     27mm
Horizontal offset    18mm (H150)
                     20mm (H150A) 
Ring gear bolts      M10 x 1.25 (8)
side gear serrations 22 x 21T 
spiders              4


* H150 is HA
Uses gear Carrier 38310-H5000
3.889 and 4.111 ratios available
* H150A is HB
Uses gear carrier 38310-H9500 marked "A"
all ratios available


HB37, 3.700:1 ratio

JAPAN  B310 A15
USA B210 MANUAL 0476-
USA B310 A14 MANUAL -0780

12024_4a4d0ed0b36a3.jpgUpload click to view


3.889:1 ratio replaced the H145 3.90. The new ratio with 35/9 teeth allowed for quieter gears than the old 39/10 gearset due to better repeating hunting pattern.

A10 38100-H7100 HA38 [A14 powered Nissan Violet/Auster]
* A10 7705-7803 Sedan & Coupe "Open Back"
* A11 Sedan 7804-
B310 -7903
B210 1975-1978
B310 A12 AUTO -0780
B310 A12 AUTO CAL 0880-
B310 AUTO, A12 MANUAL 1279-
B310 AUTO -1179

38100-H5000 H150 3.889 gearset
38100-H7100 H150A 3.889 gearset



HB35 (3.545:1 ratio), highway gear, low torque ratio was only used in USA, mostly in the MPG fuel economy champion B310s.

USA Catalog
* CAL AUTO, A12A from Aug 80 [i.e. 1981 model and newer] 
* MPG MANUAL A15 from Dec 1979 to July 1980 [1980, 1981 model years]
* MPG MANUAL A14 from Aug 1980 [1980 model only]
USA Factory Service Manual
* 1979 not offered
* 1980 with A15 Manual
* 1981-1982 with A14 Manual


HB41 (4.111:1 ratio) with 37/9 teeth was shipped in the Japan market 1976-1977 B210 Twin Carb A14T 5-speed model (H51 model).

38100-H5100 H150 4.111 gearset
38100-H7200 H150A 4.111 gearset


Nismo part number 38100-A1253


Nismo part number 38100-A1254


Nismo part number 38100-A1255 37:8 = 4.625

174_5ae27690a4ce9.jpgPost 488186

Limited Slip

Nismo sold an LSD unit for the H150.

See main article: LSD#H150
38420-RS210 4-pinion Limited Slip Differential Assembly
* fits both H150 and H150A gear carriers

Whilst NISMO produced H150 LSDs (Limited-Slip Differential), Axles baffles and Oil Coolers were not available from Nissan for the H150.

Swap Into H145 Housing

The easiest swap is to get the entire rear-axle assembly from a 1975 or newer B210 with A14 (140Y) -- this is the H150 (150mm diameter ring gear). The B210 main spring is 55mm longer, but the others can be used on the 1200 -- or use the 1200 springs.

Use a B310 propeller shaft with H150 diff in B110.

See Bolts right in!
1660.jpgAlbum 1660

NOTE: The 1974 B210 uses an H145, although the housing is the new stronger design. H145 can be distinguished by studs, whereas H150 uses bolts to fasten the diff to the case.

B210s have a strong axle housing (axles tubes are larger, to 2.2 inch up from 2.0 inch, so U-bolts are different). The B210s use an isolation clamp (the axle tube is rubber mounted), and so the mounting pad is wider. You will need the clamps, u-bolts and shock mounts to do a swap. The housing also user larger ball 72x32x19 bearings (up from 62x32x16) with both inside and outside seals. The B110 only had one seal.

Because the H150 is longer, the driveshaft is shortened by 7mm. The housing face is 2mm toward front of car (diff gear is 5mm larger)
4653.jpgAlbum 4653

You can also just put the H150 gear assembly in the stock H145 axle housing. You just need a 2mm spacer.

22278.jpgAlbum 22278

Part Numbers

H150 parts diagram
21164.jpgAlbum 21164

38300-H5000 FINAL DRIVE ASS'Y HB38 (35/9=3.889)
38300-H7100 FINAL DRIVE ASSY HA38 (35/9=3.889) L=216 H150A A11 JAPAN 7804-
 use with 1235 mm driveshaft
38300-H7101 FINAL DRIVE ASSY HA38 (35/9=3.889) L=257 H150A A10 JAPAN -7803
 use with 1195 mm driveshaft
38300-H7000 FINAL DRIVE ASSY HB37 (37/10=3.700) 
38300-H9000 FINAL DRIVE ASSY HB35 (37:11=3.545)
  38310-H7000 CARRIER-GEAR H150 -7906 A10 JAPAN
  38310-H8500 CARRIER-GEAR HA38 7904- <2,0> 38310-H5000 HA38
  * HB37 1279- USA replaced 38310-H9500 
  38310-H9500 CARRIER-GEAR
  * HA38 7907- SELECT USE TOXHIGI [Tochigi?] A10 JAPAN 
  * HB37 1279- USA
    replaced 38310-H7000 COMP-CARRIER,GEAR HB37
2 08915-14010 WASHER-lock fixing diff bearing cap (4 needed)
3 38315-H7000 BOLT 7906-
  superceded 38315-G0400 BOLT-cap fixing diff bearing cap (4) -7905
4 38100-H9000 GEAR SET-hypoid (HB35 39/11=3.545)
  38100-H7000 GEAR SET-hypoid (HB37 37/10=3.700)
  38100-H5000 GEAR SET-hypoid (HA38 35/9=3.889)
  38100-H7100 GEAR SET-hypoid (H150A 35/9=3.889)
  38100-H5100 H150 4.111 gearset
  38100-H7200 H150A 4.111 gearset
  38100-A1253 4.250 [Nismo]
  38100-A1254 4.375 [Nismo]
  38100-A1255 4.625 [Nismo]
5 38102-G0300 BOLT-drive gear (8)
6 38103-G0400 STRAP-lock bolt (4)
7 38421-H8500 CASE-DIFF 7909- <2,0> 38421-H5000 -7808
8 38423-H8500 GEAR-side diff bevel (2) 7906- <2,0> 38423-H5000 -7905
9 38425-G0300 PINION-mate diff bevel (2)
10 SELECT (2)
 38424-H5000 WASHER-thrust side gear (t=0.76-0.81)
 38424-H5001 WASHER-thrust side gear (t=0.81-0.86)
 38424-H5002 WASHER-thrust side gear (t=0.86-0.91)
11 38426-18000 WASHER-thrust pinion mate (2)
12 38427-18000 SHAFT-pinion mate
13 38428-G0400 PIN-lock pinion shaft B210
 38428-U1500 PIN-lock pinion shaft B310
14 38440-H1000 BEARING ASS'Y-diff side (2)
15 as required
 38453-H1000 SHIM-adjusting side bearing (t=0.05)
 38454-H1000 SHIM-adjusting side bearing (t=0.07)
 38455-H1000 SHIM-adjusting side bearing (t=0.10)
 38456-H1000 SHIM-adjusting side bearing (t=0.20)
 38457-H1000 SHIM-adjusting side bearing (t=0.50)
16 38120-18000 BEARING ASS'Y-drive pinion, rear
17 38140-04100 BEARING ASS'Y-drive pinion, front
18 38165-N5000 SPACER-drive pinion (pinion bearing)
19 as required (1)
 38154-G0400 WASHER-adjusting drive pinion (t=2.74)
 38154-G0401 WASHER-adjusting drive pinion (t=2.77)
 38154-G0402 WASHER-adjusting drive pinion (t=2.80)
 38154-G0403 WASHER-adjusting drive pinion (t=2.83)
 38154-G0404 WASHER-adjusting drive pinion (t=2.86)
 38154-G0405 WASHER-adjusting drive pinion (t=2.89)
 38154-G0406 WASHER-adjusting drive pinion (t=2.92)
 38154-G0407 WASHER-adjusting drive pinion (t=2.95)
 38154-G0408 WASHER-adjusting drive pinion (t=2.98)
 38154-G0409 WASHER-adjusting drive pinion (t=3.01)
 38154-G0410 WASHER-adjusting drive pinion (t=3.04)
 38154-G0411 WASHER-adjusting drive pinion (t=3.07)
 38154-G0412 WASHER-adjusting drive pinion (t=3.10)
 38154-G0413 WASHER-adjusting drive pinion (t=3.13)
 38154-G0414 WASHER-adjusting drive pinion (t=3.16)
 38154-G0415 WASHER-adjusting drive pinion (t=3.19)
 38154-G0416 WASHER-adjusting drive pinion (t=3.22)
 38154-G0417 WASHER-adjusting drive pinion (t=3.25)
20 38189-A6100 SEAL-oil front (oil drive pinion)
21 38210-H5000 FLANGE ASS'Y-comp pinion B210
   38210-H5003 FLANGE ASS'Y-COMPANION B310, A10 JAPAN 8004-
   38210-H7100 FLANGE ASS'Y-COMPANION A10 JAPAN -8003
22 38216-U3000 NUT-drive pinion 7805-
  superceded 38216-U1500 NUT-drive pinion -7804
  also used by HC (H165)
23 38320-H5000 GASKET-gear carrier
24 38321-H8500 BOLT (8) <2,0> 38321-H5000

26311.jpgAlbum 26311

38100-H5000 GEAR SET-hypoid (HA38 35/9=3.889)

38100-H7000 GEAR SET-hypoid (HB37 37/10=3.700)

Nissan 38189-A6100 SEAL-oil front H150, H165
SKF 13972
* Width 8mm (0.315")
* Shaft 35mm (1.378")
* Bore 64mm (2.52")
* Outer Diameter 64.16mm (2.526")
* Boretite: Yes

Nissan Competition

From the 1984 Nissan Competition Catalog

  • H150 RING & PINION SETS (FROM 9/74)
    • 38100-H9000 3.545 R&P SET
    • 38100-H7000 3.700 R&P SET
    • 38100-H5000 3.900 R&P SET
    • 38100-H5100 4.111 R&P SET
  • The H150 3rd members will fit the B210 (from 8/74) and 210 and do not include limited-slip units
    • 38300-H9000 3.545 3RD MEMBER
    • 38300-H7000 3.700 3RD MEMBER
    • 38300-H5000 3.900 3RD MEMBER
    • 38300-H5100 4.111 3RD MEMBER
  • The factory does not produce axles baffles or limited-slip units for the H150 differentials. [editor: Nismo later did offer an H150 limited-slip unit

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