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[Datsun 1200 encyclopedia]

Heated Glass

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Category: Body

Heated rear glass (electric rear defroster/defogger/demister) was an option for Sedan & Coupe. Canada 1200s included it as standard equipment.



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1972 facelift dash
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Factory | Aftermarket
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1972 USA Owners manual (Page 13 ... ):

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Instrument and Controls

The rear heat glass incorporates a printed heating element to prevent frosting or icing. To heat the rear glass pull out on the glass heat switch with the ignition switch placed in the "ON" position. A pilot lamp glows when the switch is pulled out.

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The switch is bolted to the bottom edge of the dash, to the side of the steering wheel. A pilot lamp glows when the switch is pulled out.

25230-H2200 SWITCH-HEAT GLASS OP. 1270-
08510-51212 SCREW 2 OP. 1270-

25230-H2200-1.jpg 25230-H2200-2.jpg 25230-H2200-3.jpg 25230-H2200-4.jpg 25230-H2200-5.jpg

Extra wires added. Purpose of the small lights is unknown


ACC on the Ignition Switch feeds the rear defroster.
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Sedan rear-glass wiring
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