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[Datsun 1200 encyclopedia]

How do I install a 5 speed Sunny box?

From Datsun 1200 Club

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Category: Tech Section

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How do I install a 5 speed Sunny box?
Published by: Davo1200 , On: Oct-11-2002

How do I install a 5 speed Sunny box?

So we've just picked up one of those rare 5 speed Datsun Sunny boxes and we want to bolt it to our engine. The bellhousing itself and starter motor bolts up with no problems but the gearbox cross member sits too far back and the reverse light switch hits the tunnel. What do we do?

Take the reverse switch out. The thread size is an un common size and you will have trouble finding a suitable replacement bolt that is flat enough to clear the tunnel.

Modify the switch! Sit switch in a vice and cut switch with an angle grinder so that switch is now fairly flat. A little ball bearing will fall out and discard the rest.

Now we have a bolt with a hole in it! You can either fill the hole with weld, making sure not to warp the bolt, or, you can just fill with epoxy resin. Let it sit for a while and bolt back into place on the gearbox. You will have no reverse lights now so a seperate switch will have to be added to the interior.

Great! No we can actually sit the box up into place!

Now check out how far back the gearbox cross member mounts sit. Its approx 2" futher back from the stock 1200 mounting points. A fabricated cross member will have to be made to allow for this 2" change. Some flat steel bar, a press drill and a welder will be needed.

After gearbox cross member has been fabricated, bolt into place. Fill gearbox with new oil, fit clutch cable, hook up the tail shaft and go for a drive. Yeah 5 gears!!

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