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[Datsun 1200 encyclopedia]

Instrument Panel Wiring

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Categories: Body Electrical System | Wiring

Cluster Gauge wiring is discussed here.



Also see: 
* Wiring Diagram
* Wiring Harness Instrument Panel Harness
* Cluster Gauge Removal
* Manual vs Automatic harnesses differ 
* early harnesses were changed in April 1971
* RHD vs LHD differ
* Round-gauge harness differs from Square-gauge

Meter Connector

The Instrument Panel Harness uses this connector for the instrument panel (meter cluster):
23335.jpgAlbum click to view

Be aware that while all 1200s use this connector, the wiring actually differs from 1200 round-gauge harnesses and B110 rectangle gauge.

Early Round Gauge (Coupe, etc.)
23337.jpgAlbum click to view
Pin 3 1971: RY [M.B.]
Pin 3 1972: BW

Late Round Gauge (1979-1994)
23334.jpgAlbum click to view 23336.jpgAlbum click to view

620 intro USA - round gauge
620_intro_cluster_connector.jpg 620_intro_cluster_wiring.jpg

Cluster Gauge USA
13938.jpgAlbum click to view 21616.jpgAlbum click to view

Round Gauge Cluster vs Rectangle Cluster

PROBLEM: indicator globes stay on, no IGN lights. Move right indicator, left indicator flashes. Signal to left and oil light flashes.

PROBLEM: Turn on the lights and smoke comes out.

If it smokes, it is not earthed properly. The cluster bolts to the dash metal frame. If you wish to temporarily work with it, jump a wire to the dash frame.

If you upgrade the rectangle cluster to round cluster, beware the wiring is different.

  1. Some pins in the circular dash connector are different. Pop the pins of the connector and re-insert in the appropriate order.
  2. Round Tachometer may be wired in series (differently from aftermarket tachometers) to the IGN circuit that's already under the dash (this is how the factory wired tachometers). Or in series with NEG side of coil if you wish to run wires from coil into cabin. Because the tachometer works by induction, it doesn't matter which side of the coil it is wired into.

Dash Changes for Sedan, Ute and Station Wagon

I think it take a skinny little screwdriver, like you use for watches/sunglasses. The ones that come in the cheap set of 5 in a plastic case at most '$2 shops'. Loosen the prongs pushing a screwdriver in the wire side of the connector, while pushing with a small allen key in the other side. I'm sure there are professional tools to do the same job, but you can do it for cheap if you apply a little patience.

dattodude's original information sheet:


pin 1978 AUS (rec?)   late 1200         620 intro round    round SHOOEYS     round USA           NON-USA
2   GROUND       B    GROUND       B    GROUND        B    GROUND       B    GROUND       B
3   T/S-R        GB   T/S-R        GB   T/S-R         GB   T/S-R        GB   T/S-R       
5   T/S-L        GR   T/S-L        GR   T/S-L         GR   T/S-L        GR  
6   CHG          WR   CHG          WR   IGN/CHG       WR   CHG          WR   
7   x            x    BRAKE        YG   BRAKE         YG   x            x    
8   12V          G    12V          G    12V           YR   12V          G   
10  GROUND       B    ?            L    BEAM          RW   BEAM         RW 
11  BEAM         RW   BEAM         RW   BEAM          B    BEAM         RY  
12  OIL          YB   OIL          YB   OIL           YB   OIL          YL


The speedometer has a light for use at night. See the lamp section.


1972 GX speedometer has special switch/converter/amplifier/regulator, purpose unknown. The circuit board on the back of the cluster is modified:

* Center turn signal connector is moved
* Small Box is mounted in center
* Clock/tach IGN feed circuit has and additional tap

This same cluster housing appears to be used by USA Datsun 620 pickup.

18702.jpgAlbum click to view

* Yellow wire: 12V IGN
* Black wire: Goes into cluster housing

1972 GX

Speed Switch

25039 buzzer relay
25035 emissions usage
68800-AM7200 or 68600-AN8500
* AUS B120 1979-1984 ?
* Datsun 1200 1973 USA
* Datsun 620 1972 USA MT
25035-B6401 $88 USD
* Datsun 620 1974 USA MT
25035-B8000 $70 USD
* Datsun 620 1975-1979 USA MT

Ute Amplifier Speed Switch

Amplifier for B120 ute Throttle Opener Assembly (see Emission Controls).

The speed detecting switch is part of the speedometer assembly and is installed in the speedometer. The amplifier prevents damage to the speed detecting switch which actuate the throttle opener only when the car speed is above 10km/h. Pub No. SM6E-EMC0A0, Page EC-11
Matsushita 68600-AN8500
13695.jpgAlbum click to view
* Red: IGN
* Black: goes to Red wire coming out of top center
  of cluster (speed switch)
* Green: Output signal
11981.jpgAlbum click to view
wiring4.jpgPost click for topic
wiring5.jpgPost click for topic 
68800-AM7200 speed sensor
* Yellow spade: IGN feed
* Red: speed switch (speedometer)
* Green: Ouput signal

USA Amplifier Speed Switch

USA model from 0772 (1973 model year) used an amplifier speed switch.

* 25035-H7000 ASSY-AMPLIFIER SPEED SWITCH > 25035-P4502

1973 USA model B110 used an amplifier speed switch for Throttle Opener system.
23062.jpgAlbum click to view

Blue/Red wire: output signal to T.O.

USA Datsun 620

Datsun 620 pickup USA also uses the amplifier speed switch for the BCDD system

620 cluster with Amplifier Speed Switch attached to back of speedometer

Red: switch signal
Yellow spade: IGN
Yellow bullet(?): output signal > green harness wire

620 with AM7200 switch - wiring differs (see Ratsun}



The cluster contains:

* Fuel Gauge (Petrol/Gas gauge). See Fuel Gauge Wiring
* Water temperature gauge. See Temperature Gauge Wiring
Indicator lamps (see "Dash Lights" below)
* High beam indicator lamp (M.B.)
* Left Turn Signal indicator lamp
* Right Turn Signal indicator lamp
Warning lamps (see "Dash Lights" below)
* Brake failure lamp (Japan GL & USA)
* CHG/IGN failure lamp
* Oil pressure indicator lamp
* Tachometer. See Tachometer Wiring
* Clock. See Clock Wiring


The coolant/water temperature gauge incorporates a voltage regulator.

* If both the water and fuel gauges are off, suspect the regulator
* If only one gauge is incorrect, suspect a bad connection, usually at the sender
See main articles:
Fuel Gauge Wiring
Temperature Gauge Wiring

Dash Lights

Dash lights are idiot lights and illumination lights.

Dash Lamps
- M.B.
- Turn Signals (direction indicators)
- Illumination lights

Pre-start Check

These dash lights should light up when you turn the key to ON, before you start the car:

  • OIL pressure lamp
  • CHG lamp

Both should go out as soon as the engine is started.

These do NOT light up on the pre-start check:

  • Brake lamp
  • Beam/M.B. lamp

Troubleshooting Oil Light

The sensor for the Oil pressure lamp is on the fuel pump just above the oil filter (left side of A-series engine):

The sensor is an "idiot light". It simply connects the wire to ground when there is oil pressure. So before you start the engine (IGN key on), the Oil lamp bulb is connected to earth/ground through this switch and lights up. As soon as the engine starts and pressure builds, it disconnects the ground circuit so that lamp goes off.

If the lamp never lights up (IGN key on, engine not started):

  1. Be sure the wire at the oil pump is connected to the connector
  2. Pull it off and then on again to ensue it is tightly connected. If it is not, you can slightly crimp it with pliers to make it fit better

Check the lamp again. If it still doesn't come on:

  1. Reach behind the dash and twist the bulb out. If it is burnt out, replace it

If the light comes on (IGN key on, engine not started), but does not go *off* when the engine starts:

  1. Be sure the wire at the oil pump is connected to the spade connector. If it is off and lying against the engine or body is has a natural earth/ground and so won't work correctly

If that is not the problem:

  • Disconnect the wire at the pump. Place it where it doesn't touch metal. Test the light again (with IGN key on):
    • Light is off: replace the sensor. One from most any Datsun model will fit.
    • Light stays on: You've got an unusual problem with the wiring or dash gauge cluster

This test is for functionality of the light. You don't need to start the engine to test this. If the light checks out OK, but there is no pressure or you suspect so, see Lubrication System Diagnoses.

Troubleshooting Dash Lights

After more than 30 years, these sometimes don't work. Could be a burnt-out bulb, corroded contact, or broken wire (turn signal indicators use wires).

Testing dash lights
5024.jpgAlbum click to view

Cleaning dash light contacts
5025.jpgAlbum click to view

Clean the contacts with a pencil eraser, sandpaper, or electrical contact cleaner.

Turn Signal Lamps

The indicator lamps should light when the IGN in ON, and the turn signal lever is moved up or down. If the front and rear Indicator lamps come on, but not the dash lamp, it's time to look more closely at the dash.

  • Front or Rear indicators don't come on: Not a dash problem
  • Both L and R dash lamps don't come on: Flash can problem? Dash not grounded?
  • One dash lamp doesn't work L or R -- examine dash wiring

For Round Gauge dash, the indicators are on each side ofthe Speedometer at the top.
Pin 3 (Green/Black wire) Turn Signal Right circuit (12V supplied by Turn Signal Switch)
Pin 5 (Green/Red wire) Turn Signal Left circuit (12V supplied by Turn Signal Switch)
Earth: Tab at bottom of cluster

If you're getting 12V at the round connector, but the lamp doesn't light, check the bulb, and the connections. The bulb socket wire connects to the cluster with a spade connector, and sometimes the spade terminal on the cluster will break off. Be carefull when removing the wire!

The bulb is earthed via contact with the cluster metal body. If the socket or the spade connector is slightly corroded, the bulb may not work. A pencil eraser will clean up the brass coating. The bottom contact is some kind of lead, and can be scraped clean with a screwdriver tip.
174_56cd8c355215d.jpgPost click for topic

Illumination Lamps

The lamps should light when the Lighting Switch is in the Park or Headlamps position.

NOTE: For AUS-spec 1200s, twist the light switch bulb. 
This bright/dim function may be broken and only work in one position.

For Round Gauge dash, there are two bulbs in the Speedometer and one bulb in the center of the combo gauge.
Pin 4- Illumination Lamp circuit (12V supplied by Lighting Switch)
26592.jpgAlbum click to view

Master Beam Pilot Lamp

M.B. or BEAM light goes on when headlights are on and Dimmer Switch is flipped forward.


One of the pins is 12V and one is Ground. With headlights on, check for both signals when switch is pushed forward. If there is no 12V, check the H fuse. With switch in Low Beam position both pins will be 12V unless the bulb is burned out.

Ground Pin: RW or RY or B
Supply Pin: RW or RY
See Meter Connector section above
Differing various years per Wiring diagrams
* So check your actual car
        UK  WW  intro 1971 1972 1973 1978 1989
Supply: RY  RY  RW    RW   RY   RY   RW   RW
Ground: RY  RW  RY    RY   RW   RY   B    ?
        620        1978       120Y
Supply: RW Pin 10  RW Pin 11  RW Pin 8
Ground: B  Pin 11  B  Pin 10  B  Pin 4

M.B. Wiring Diagram

Reference: Wiring Diagram
Reference: Lamp Wiring


See Main Article: Brake_Wiring#Schematic


  • Illumination lights are earthed via the dash.
  • Warning lights and gauges are not earthed via dash, but instead through the wiring harness connector

SO, When checking the dash illumination lights, cluster must be earthed by bolting it to the dash frame. Alternatively, for testing, a temporary jumper cable may be attached from the tab to the metal frame.

Tab at bottom must be screwed to dash
18702.jpgAlbum click to view