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[Datsun 1200 encyclopedia]

L18 Coupe

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130hp L18 coupe built by yz1975 and sold to teajc. Originally owned by jakesunny's mates who fitted a A14T engine and was green.

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POST Project Build: My L18 coupe
Suspension is awesome, handles brilliantly would out corner a WRX any day

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PIGDOG's old L18 stroker setup with stumpy box

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  • L18 stroker 2.1L (L20 crank, SR pistons, A87 ported head, cam, 280zx valves, datrally ported manifold, 45 mm webers, ceramic coated extractors, custom exhaust, light flywheel)

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  • heavy duty clutch, reco stumpy box, new 3in tail shaft
  • 4.8 H190 alloy diff with corona disc brakes

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  • six-point black alloy bolt-in cage
  • race seats
  • deep dish quick release steering wheel
  • alloy drop tank with Carter fuel system
  • alloy radiator with twin Davies Craig thermos

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Wheels are Sportmax 15x8 +0 offset, they could fit with pumped guards but easy with flares. Offset is perfect all round. After a 40mm wider diff was installed, it required rear flares.

Flares are off John Boston and John Taylor's old 1200 race car from the 1990s (JTS?)

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  • 120Y struts shortened 75mm with new Golf Mark I inserts installed with 25mm spacers
  • small-diameter springs & camber tops (Otomoto 45mm coilover kit with the 4kg springs)
  • 32mm bump steer blocks
  • Maddat adjustable sway bar
  • Maddat steering brace
  • Maddat tri strut brace
  • rear has JTS reversed eye leaves and heavy duty Pedders shocks
  • 15x8 rims and Kuhmo semi-slicks

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Corona discs rear with Girlock calipers.

  • hydraulic hand brake

S13 180SX front

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For Sale

POST EOI datsun 1200 coupe L18 2.1L stroker street / track car

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