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[Datsun 1200 encyclopedia]


From Datsun 1200 Club

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Category: Datsun B310

The Datsun 210 (B310) MPG model was a special high fuel-economy model. Based on the Standard 2-dr sedan, it featured a low-rpm engine coupled with an overdrive 5-speed transmission. It achieved a 47 mpg highway rating. 1980 features A15 engine, reported in the Nissan Model Introduction Book, though also reportedly it never shipped. From September 1980 (1981 Model Year) featured ad A14 engine.

Also see FU Engine

  • B310: A14 MPG to 0780 (1979-1980 model years)
  • B310: A15 MPG from 0880 (1981-1982 models years)
  • B310: 3.545 H150 differential

Chassis numbers:

  • HLB310RSFU
    "U" USA Federal (non-California), "S" Standard model
  • HLB310RFN
    "N" Canada

HL means: "H" A14 engine, "L" Left-hand-drive

"R" 2-dr sedan, , "F" Five-speed


  • 1981: Electric fan & water temperature sensing switch
  • 1980: Thermo-coupled engine fan (A15)
  • No air conditioning
  • 3.545:1 rear Differential ratio (39/11 teeth) H150A

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