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[Datsun 1200 encyclopedia]

Universal Joint

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Category: Propeller Shaft And Differential Carrier

Datsun 1200 used two types of Propeller Shaft, the type with replaceable U-joints, and the type that is not replaceable.



Datsun 1200 used two types of Propeller Shaft:

  • Replaceable U-joints
  • Non-replaceable

Nissan calls the non-replaceable the "shell type", and the original the "solid type".

Japan-Market models, availability of Shell bearing type. The Solid type may have continued even after this.

  • Sedan from MAR 1973 Chassis # B110-767755-77572
  • Coupe from OCT 1972 Chassis # KB110-981519-999999, KB110-550001-552609

North America-Market models

  • Shell type from MAR 1973

If yours has snap rings (C-shaped circlips) on the inside holding the U-joints in, they are replaceable.

734.jpg standard u-joint

17512.jpg time to replace


Part Numbers

B10/B110 with replaceable joints

  • 37125-H1025 JOURNAL KIT-with bearing (Solid type) $84.93
    • replaced 37125-18025
    • 37146-18000 RING-snap, bearing race (1.46t) (white)
    • 37147-18000 RING-snap, bearing race (1.48t) (yellow)
    • 37148-18000 RING-snap, bearing race (1.50t) (red)
    • 37149-18000 RING-snap, bearing race (1.52t) (green)
    • 1.54t (blue)
    • 1.58t (no color)
  • NLM NL-N28
  • GMB GUN28
  • Koyo N2057
  • Toyo TN-128
  • Matsuba UJ112
  • Maxeen MN-28
  • Beck/Arnley 102-0353
  • ACDELCO Part # 45U0008 {#89029273} $16.16 USD from
  • NEAPCO 10028 $14.99 USD from
  • McQuay-Norris U1500
  • Rockford K1500
    • 0.788 inch Bearing diameter
    • 2.236 inch outside lock-up
    • Spicer 1000 Type

Type: Inside snap ring (grooves in cap for the snapring)

  • (L) Diameter: 20.01 mm
  • (O) Inside snap ring-to-ring: 35 mm
    • ring-to-ring center: 38mm

Reportedly the same as 1981 - 1984 STARLET


USA and Japan market models all use shell-type which are non-replaceable.


  •  ??? Nissan Part Number 37125-H8500 ???
  • Maxeen MN-45
  • GMB GUN45

Type: Outside snap ring (grooves in yoke)

  • (L) 20.07
  • (N) Outside snap-ring, Length: 52.40

Non replaceable staked in u-joints

Rockford Drive Line has replacement u-joints available to replace the staked in u-joints used on some B110 shafts, and all B210 and B310 shafts.

$25 each at Driveshaft Superstore

Specialty "STAKED-IN" Universal Joints...

For over thirty years automakers have decreased assembly time and cut production cost by crimping universal joints into driveline assemblies. According to the manufacturer the joints are "STAKED-IN" and non-replaceable.

Rockford offers expanded replacement-joint coverage designed specifically for these varied applications.
  • Rockford 430-9
    • Fits:
    • 1971-1985 Datsun B120 Truck
    • 1971-1973 Datsun B110
    • 1974-1978 Datsun B210 (210)
    • 1979-1982 Datsun B310
    • 1989-1994 Subaru Justy
  • 0.791 inch Bearing diameter
  • 1.285 inch Inside Lockup [yoke inside width]


Classic Symptoms:

  • Vibration at high road speeds
  • "Clunk" sound when backing up

Remove the Propeller Shaft from the diff (you can leave it in the transmission to prevent transmission fluid from leaking). Flex the u-joints by hand. It should:
* Move smoothly (not stiff), in all directions
* Be tight and smooth
Replace if loose or binding or notchy feeling

Also check the back-lash of the yoke when it is in the transmission. Put transmission is gear and attempt to rotate the yoke back and forth. You should not be able to feel any looseness (in direction of rotation) with the tranmission in gear. If it is loose, new u-joints won't fix that problem.


If the u-joints check out under inspection, the shaft may be unbalanced. They have precision balancing from the factory. Here's what the Factory Service Manual says:

[the shafts are balanced to within] 15 gr-cm (0.2 inch-once) at 4,000 rpm at the factory. The propeller shaft will be unbalanced if erroneously tapped with a hammer while servicing, or flying rocks or bottoming during off-road driving occurs.

Replacement Procedure

Removing U-joints: Tap them out with a brass drift. It is permissable to use a press with minimum force.

Installing U-joints. Do not use a press.

  1. Tap one joint journal in using a brass drift
  2. fit the yoke into place
  3. Tap the other journal into place, being careful to line up the crossshaft
  4. Tap in until the snap ring channel lines up
  5. Fit the snap rings
  6. Test for smooth operation
    • If too tight, tap out slightly. If this doesn't loosen it up, use a thinner snap ring (see Parts section above)
    • If it is too loose, use a thicker snap ring (see Parts section above)

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