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[Datsun 1200 encyclopedia]

Wally's Wagon: A Supercharged Super Car

From Datsun 1200 Club

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Tech Section

This is the old Tech Section article
Originally published by: ddgonzal, On: Mar-04-2003 

Article text by WALLY.

I hope this can help regards from WALLY

The Wagon
672.jpgAlbum 672

The following may help anybody wanting to supercharge an A series motor the information is only what has worked for me you may or may not agree so try it and see how you go.

I used a centrifugal unit I was told was off a Subaru 990 cc engine not much bigger than an alternator . Mounted on the Passengers side of an A14 Australian Sunny engine using the alternator mount bracket off an early 1200 engine, this bracket does mount to the block in the same way if one of the holes is elongated then simply use an all thread bolt long enough with locking nuts and washers to adjust the blower back and forward to allow the pulley to line up to the crank pulley.

602.jpgAlbum 602

Be sure to mount the blower with the inlet side to the bottom. I didn't use the inlet hose casting that came on the blower there just isn't enough room so I made my own out of stainless steel 304 grade it has a sharper angle and longr bend to bring the whole lot up futher back toward the fire wall allowing for a 320 Holley carburettor (using No 62 jets) to mount solidly at the top, watch for height clearance off the air cleaner (see my photos) to see where the carbuettor ended up, this works well mounted here because it can suck clean cold air though the square hole in the radiator support panel.

Notice blower is down low at front of engine
634.jpgAlbum 634

There is no need for to much explanation here see my photos to see what I have done. The inlet manifold is made of 32mm steam pipe bends welded to flange plates I had cut out by an abrasive jet cutter the hose end is 50mm outside dia tube the rest of the plumbing going back to the outlet side of the blower is 50mm outside dia S/S tube reduced to 42mm outside dia to suit the blower outlet casting. The S/S header pipes I custom made them myself, they look 4 into one but they arenot they just have a very short secondry pipes.

635.jpgAlbum 635

Not much here I wanted to see what would break so I did a standard rebuild on the bottom end everything renewed a rebore to the 1st oversize and a crank grind. The head is where the work went big big port job, milled out the combustion chambers to lower the compression as much as possible and double valve springs.
The pulley to drive the blower is 135mm diameter this gives 5 pounds of boost in the mid rev range and I have had 7 pound at 7000 revs. The pulley is bolted to the standard crank pulley I had to have the standard one machined match to the new machined blower one.
The throtle cable was made 200mm longer to reach the Holley.
The radiator is wider by 75mm and mounted 80mm toward drivers side this is to allow for the Holley. It doesn't get full air flow here but it works (could be better).

I haven't had this on a dyno so I can only try to explain. Comparing to a standard A14 on a steep hill the standard I'm in 2nd gear wanting to get out and push the exact same hill the supercharger engine is in 4th gear backing off for the corners in the road. I have given the odd late model V8 good flogging over 400 meters after that they pass. I have not taken this car to the drags so I don't know any times sorry. It also eats WRX's in standard form.

1053.jpgAlbum 1053

FOR DISCUSSION and PHOTOS, SEARCH the club for wally wagon


2003 January, Wally put the wagon up for sale the first time.

In 2004, Pierre ended up with the Wagon. In 2006 Pierre's dad had the wagon.

12256.jpgAlbum 12256 8621.jpgAlbum 8621 8597.jpgAlbum 8597 8596.jpgAlbum 8596 8591.jpgAlbum 8591


QLD 'MIN712' plates (ex-ute of Pierre's brother - see MIN712) are now on the Wagon


FOR SALE: 2016 December by Evey
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