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[Datsun 1200 encyclopedia]


From Datsun 1200 Club

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Category: General Information

Datsun 1200 Club members are from many countries, so many terms used in discussions may be unfamiliar to the new member. Here are some terms to get you started.

Please feel free to click Edit and add to this list.

Australian, NZ words

  • ADR (Australian Design Rules): Similar to USA DOT (Department of Transportation) safety rules
  • Aerial: Antenna
  • Bonnet: Hood
  • Boot: Trunk
  • Extractors: exhaust headers
  • Guard: fenders (wings in British English)
  • Petrol: gasoline
  • Tyres: tires
  • WOF: New Zealand Warrant of Fitness. No counterpart in the US

Aussie slang

  • ACT: Australia Capital Territory (region around Canberra)
  • Arvy: afternoon
  • Blueys: Datsun Bluebird or Policemen (Men in Blue)
  • Bush/bushes: Bushing
  • Carby: carburetor
  • Carpark: parking lot
  • Chook: hen, or any chicken
  • Datto: Datsun
  • Dizzy/dissy: distributor
  • Donk: motor
  • Dosh: (British english) money, moolah, cash
  • Freo: freeway(?)
  • Go over the pits: vehicle requires a full inspection (suspected illegal modifications). Australia has very strict modification rules.
  • Hoon: hooligan, reckless driver or fast drive. Encarta Dictionary
  • Jelly-bean wheels: Slotted mags:
  • Joey Box: dual transmission (as in big trucks):
  • L plates: Learners permit. Must have licensed adult supervision:
  • Maccas: McDonald's:
  • Mob number: Mobile phone number (cell phone number):
  • Nappy: Diaper:
  • Nick: condition, as in 'good nick':
  • Number plate: license plate:
  • OZ: Australia icon_smile.gif
  • P plate: license plate for new drivers. Can carry no passengers. A step up from L plates.
  • Pommy: British ( informal humorous or disapproving ): Encarta Dictionary
  • Pressy: Present:
  • Pukka: British, respectable:
  • Quokka: a small short-tailed wallaby that lives in large colonies. Native to: islands off the coast of Western Australia: Encarta Dictionary
  • Rego: car registration:
  • Screen/Windscreen: window/windshield
  • Servo: service station (full service gas station)
  • Siddies: sidedraught (sidedraft) carburetors
  • Skite: brag
  • Sparky: electrician
  • Straight to the pool room: You'll have to read this
  • Stezza: Stereo
  • Taco/Tacho: Tachometer
  • Tip: garbage dump
  • Tray/deck: pickup cargo bed
  • Ute: car-based pickup (short for coupe utility)
  • Venetians: Interior window blinds, or exterior car blinds
  • WTD: Want to Deal (want to buy)

American Slang

  • Mill: motor, engine

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