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Main : Mechanical : Body and Interiors Name this grill

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Name this grill
Name this grillPopular
SubmitterA14forceMore Photos from A14force   Last Update2012/1/27 8:00    Tell a friendTell a friend
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I was given this grill be a guy down the street from me.
He thought it was from a 120Y. But it looks to me to be more like a KB310 grill.
Does it ring a bel for anyone here?

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Poster Thread
Posted: 2012/4/15 14:18  Updated: 2012/4/15 14:18
Home away from home
Joined: 2003/1/24
From: Quairading, Western Australia
Posts: 494
 Re: Name this grill
it's late model 120Y the coupes have foglights in them

grille was fitted to post July '76 120Y's here in Australia, and I think it's the B211 (midlife facelift JDM 120Y) in japan

Poster Thread
Posted: 2012/1/28 2:22  Updated: 2012/1/28 2:22
Joined: 2001/5/3
From: Hawaii, USA
Posts: 31334
 Re: Name this grill

Poster Thread
Posted: 2012/1/28 8:11  Updated: 2012/1/28 8:18
No life (a.k.a. DattoMaster)
Joined: 2003/12/3
From: Christchurch NZ
Posts: 3704
 Re: Name this grill
I think you're right DD.
The B210 has a curved corners on the headlight surround parts. But all the KB310's I've searched have squarer headlight surrounds.
I suppose the Guy who gave it to me was right.
After a search of the project thread index, I came across this pic of NickM's old wagon

Looks very much the same to me. (That other pic you posted DD has been corrupted by the fog lamps. Not corupted as such, but harder to judge.

Poster Thread
Posted: 2012/1/27 22:33  Updated: 2012/1/27 22:33
Home away from home
Joined: 2003/11/30
Posts: 597
 Re: Name this grill
looks like a sunny coupe one to me, ive seen one juuust like it years ago. KB310 i rekon.