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Re: Hi from an old pal...

Subject: Re: Hi from an old pal...
by dattodude on 2006/3/30 15:08:37

Yeah no plans to sell. I do plan to do some drag racing, and some cruising.

Problem is I only get about 4-8 hours/week to work on the car so everything takes forever.

It's registered, and I got a pile of parts to install, so plenty of Datto work to keep me busy for the next month or two.

I'm keen to get cruising. But need to be 100% confident that I won't get done for defects before I'm willing to hang out in public too much. I really don't have the time to fix defects in the 10 days or whatever they give you. It's not like I can put some parts 'back to standard' as they were never standard to begin with.

The cold weather is great for turbos..Gotta be ready for that ASAP!!