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Re: B210/120Y Dedicated thread

Subject: Re: B210/120Y Dedicated thread
by tom210 on 2006/10/9 13:28:22

This is my First car, bought it back in 2004 for a small sum of $220, and had been sitting in the backyard slowly getting work done to it....

i had rebuilt the engine in at school, and it went well until i smashed it into a culvert less than 24 hours after it being registered, resulting in the X-member, lower arm, strut, stub axel, balljoint (that had just got replaced) either being destroyed or bent....

After getting it back on the road it had a large knocking sound, sounded like bigends or mains, turned out to be the cause of the cam sprocket stripping one row of teeth....Long Story...

SO in went the new engine and box ($150), dosn't fall out of first anymore, and the knocking is gone, but has been replaced with loose tappet...

Then after getting all this in and a bit of new oil and a filter, it was using ALOT of water...So using my "automotive detective skills" worked it back to being the headgasket... So off to Bursons with my handydandy Discount card, got the Gasket, drove home and started to remove the head....
When i pulled the head off Number 4 had water sitting in the dish of the Super shiny piston... put it all back together, and yeah its all good now, except it blows abit of smoke occasionally on start-ups....


I get back from The Falls Festival, look in my car....i have a cd player... Pioneer unit, with some 50w lanco (or somethings) in my speaker boxes out of my room...

anyway.. skipping forward.. i got to work, with the help of dad to install some 80w 2way $9.99 autobarn specials into the bootlid skin... so out comes the MDF and the jigsaw... bit of magic and i now have speakers in the back.... it was missing sounded ok, but needed more, luckly i had some clarion 4", out came the mdf and the jigsaw again, few hours work later a now have new kickpanels and speakers and KAPOW!!! some sound up front!! in goes some Kanye West and out come the beats..
Get photos later


New shocks are in.. well about 2 weeks ago anyway.. Pedders sports ryders from a gemini... stiff as... but feels much better to drive..

Picked up L16 4spd and bits lol

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This is how i bought it..... dec 04

Open in new window

Cleaning it out..... dec 04

Open in new window

Before Engine Shot - After Shot is coming..... dec 04

Open in new window

thats it now..... nov 05

Open in new window

Front shot..... nov 05

Open in new window

Bonnet Masked up..... Dec 05

Open in new window

Bonnet is completed...sorta rough..... Dec 05

Open in new window

Posing in Basin Rd..... Jan 06

Open in new window

More Posing in Basin Rd..... Jan 06

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Vertical Posing in Basin Rd..... Jan 06

Currently the 2nd Standard A12,
GT40 coil
Repco 8mm Leads
Cold Air Intake
Drift Breather/Filter Doubie

Rear: Pedders Sports Ryders
Front: Monroe Comfort gas (or something)
Standard Springs all round

B210GX Badges - Sourced From the US
"Doriftu" style bonnet.
Spoiler is a generic item.. fits perfectly on the boot lid
Rims are 13x6" Performance Spykers
205/60 Federal Formoza FD1's
200b Mirrors
H4 Conversion Headlights

Speco 2"Oil Pressure Gauge
Factory Tacho
Some Seats
No carpet
Black Rear-View Mirror

Pioneer Mp3/Wma Head Unit
2-way 80w 6" - Rear
Clarion 40w 4" - Front

Lowering - Stiffer Shocks/Springs
L16, 5 Speed,
200b struts and brakes
Front Lip
Respray In a sweeto Orange