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Re: B210/120Y Dedicated thread

Subject: Re: B210/120Y Dedicated thread
by Mawler1 on 2006/10/9 15:20:50

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the interior of my July '75 120Y farm hack "The Iiron Maiden"
looks like that "cleaning out" pic, but it has seats and a console... and NO CARPET does have floor mats though! as I do need some sound deadening qualities....

before you say why did I remove it...

1) the only carpet remaining was along the tranny tunnel... UNDER the floor mats there was NO carpet...

2) as an ex B&S rig the carpet was soaked with beer... which stank

3) the hotdog muffler isn't that much louder now either

4) and being that coconut fibre stuff it had to go as the seats have the same stuff in 'em anyway they ended up rubbing on my skin and red welts came up!...

"The Iron Maiden" looks quite different now than in that pic... the bonnet scoop is gone and the bonnet and valance are different and it the rims have been painted silver (VHT chrome paint)

oh... I almost forgot it has a "Taarzan Horn...