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Re: A Christmas present.

Subject: Re: A Christmas present.
by Dodgeman on 2007/3/6 5:09:28


datsun120ycoupe wrote:
You know dodgeman, I had respect for you untill you made that remark about bipolar, I also have that disorder and I know many others who do.

Which remark about Bipolar would that be.
Would it be the one where I said that I wished I could make it all go away, or the one where I said that I understood the terrible burden that he carries?Quote:
As for you, well, I feel sad. I feel sad that anyone should cary the burden through life that you do. It's not something that you cought, like the common cold, it's something that, as you say, you were born with, & I genuinely wish it was something that I could fix, not just for you, but for all sufferers.
You see, I know other sufferers who, like you, do not get on line & perpetually snipe away at someone without just cause. Of course I know that there are other sufferers in this club, & like any ilness, affliction, or injury, these things show up in differing degrees, but I'm sure that you already know that. It would seem that you have a good level of control of your life & both yourself & many others will in all likelehood lead full & successfull lives.
Sadly this success rate is not 100%

I'm sorry that you have this opinion of me, but you gotta call it as you see it.