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Re: A Christmas present.

Subject: Re: A Christmas present.
by Dodgeman on 2007/3/6 5:45:19

Well, what a delightful piece of artwork, & I am very much indebted to Dattodude for illustrating that such a fraud can so easily be perpetrated.

A simple read of the text in this counterfeit communication will clearly show that the style of writing, & even the sentiment expressed in it, are very much at odds with what I have been expressing for quite some time.

It would seem that another falsehood has been revealed for what it is & it makes me wonder just what depths will be sunk to in order to claim some sort of VICTORY over me.

Lets summarise some of the claims so far.
*I give away free CD's of the 2005 Datnats, & this is somehow a bad thing as I would probably make friends this way.
*I pay fair market prices for those things that I want, after seeking advice from both the membership [cam & stuff] & also from a respected authority in this club, & somehow this too is a bad thing.
*I like the 'GX' bonnet on 1200's yet my view is belittled on this matter & since I am not colourblind, [as it's apparently claimed by others that you are] you therefore have a much better eye for line & style than me . [previous threads]
*I am accused of inventing another membership for the long term purpose of attacking you,[pre meditation] yet this other member has been on at exactly the same time as me on at least a couple of occasions. The assumption therefore, is that I have two computers, two paid up INTERNET accounts, two IP addresses, & I sit here & write posts two at a time, all for the purpose of giving you grief.
*That I fabricate two additional memberships after this with offensive names & details just so that I can have them deleted. All for the purpose of bringing it up now, some nine months after the deletion.
*That, since these two members are no longer in the database, then perhaps I just invented them on the spur of the moment.
*That I belittle you over your medical condition [actually, I didn't, re-read the posts] Of course we all remember the genteel prose that you customarily use in your posts when addressing others.
*That I send you an unbelievably & indescribably stupid PM, & deliver directly into your hands the [so called] undeniable proof that I am inherently evil.
The thrust of the post is that I, apparently, am prematurely claiming some victory over you when clearly this issue is far from finished. Even blind Freddie can see that, nor is a 'victory' what I want as it serves no constructive purpose.

Thats probably not all of it, but it's an impressive list I thought.

Lets summarise the one significant question that I have.
You were asked, directly, [since you NEVER LIE] if you are the person who created the members Throatslitter & Sadman.
You seem to have a great deal of difficulty saying NO, [it's only two letters] because, I assume, you NEVER LIE, instead, preferring to duck & weave with suggestions that perhaps I made them up & that they never existed at all, but they did, didn't they.

The only thing I have ever wanted is for you to simply become a positive asset in this club, a contributing member, [& I have written that in a previous post too] instead of the belligerent, vindictive & hateful person that you have become.

The recent revelations now shed new light on the person that you are & it's only right that this fact be re-stated, a fact that you describe as being "something I have openly written about in the past." so you clearly have no problem with this detail being well known [again] as it was you who told us of it in the first place.

I'll now state it formally.
I have not sent you a PM, of any kind, within, as best I can recall, almost the last two year. It is clear from the content, from the style of writing & from the demonstrated capacity to perform this fraud, that the PM is a complete & utter fabrication.

Now I wonder who would have the motivation, the drive & the demonstrated talent to fabricate it.