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Re: Mega Squirt ECU, experiences?

Subject: Re: Mega Squirt ECU, experiences?
by TnPshow on 2007/6/8 5:47:56

Hmm I think Sundat1200 mentioned he''d used MS before.

I haven't had any personal experience myself but I've been watching it's development for quite a few years now.

I looked at the EDIS stuff and the only off-putting thing is having to source parts from the USA.

It's a shame we never got any cars with it here (well 4 cyl anyway) because this is the ultimate distributorless ignition for the DIY'er, especially the Megajolt Lite Jr project - very appealing!

using a factory a-series elec dizzy with a GM 8-pin HEI module attatched to it

Easiest way to go by far if you're not going distributorless like the EDIS.

I'm actually working on a simple (not to mention cheap) distributorless system at the moment and am almost finished.

I reckon it's well worth the money and it's pretty much open source and development is going on all the time.

If I was going EFI - I'd be going Megasquirt for sure.