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Re: Mega Squirt ECU, experiences?

Subject: Re: Mega Squirt ECU, experiences?
by sundat1200 on 2007/6/8 6:11:52

I've used Megasquirt on two cars using EDIS for spark. Its possible to run into some serious headaches if you aren't careful and thorough with your research.

It's true that Edis bits are easily found here.
People are selling edis bits on Ebay US all the time.

I think I spent a total of $250 putting MS on my first MS project, my 1975 VW rabbit. That included a stimulator, relay board and an early mainboard version and all EFI plumbing, injectors, and FPR from the junkyard.

Here is my "success story" for the VW:

I just finished putting it on my M20 six-cylinder powered BMW 2002 as well. I put Edis on both cars, its pretty simple once you've done it.

Here's some websites that are pretty much mandatory reading:

forum help here:

Directions, ordering and downloads here:

This site has nice tutorials about fuel pressure regulators and making your own EFI intake manifold and fuel rail: