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Re: Datsun 1200 Compared to Tatas

Subject: Re: Datsun 1200 Compared to Tatas
by Lotto on 2008/3/12 1:46:46

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"""The basic Nano is aimed at people in India and China looking to buy their first car - the kind of people who previously climbed on a battered scooter, along with their entire family, a pig and a few geese............there's not a motor manufacturer on earth that isn't looking closely at making cars for India, China and in some cases Africa.

The Nano's closest competitor in India is the desperately aged and spectacularly basic Maruti/Suzuki 800 model. The CVT automatic Nano's performance is described by a Tata executive as "similar" to the Maruti's, so expect a top speed of about 82mph and 0-60mph acceleration in 25 seconds. The Nano's twin-cylinder, 624cc, 32.5bhp engine is far more advanced than the Maruti's old Suzuki unit, however, and at a claimed 57mpg offers better overall fuel consumption than the Maruti's 42mpg.

The rear-engined configuration is interesting, as it maximises interior space and minimises weight; the 10ft 2in (3,100mm) Nano is eight per cent shorter than the Maruti 800, but is claimed to have 21 per cent more interior room.."""
Read the rest in.......................

I want a new one for me every year but i still love my Datsun