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1200 ute driveline

Subject: 1200 ute driveline
by ishlet on 2001/6/5 12:39:00

shadow69181, ta for your comments, I think that my problem is with my whole driveline, not just the diff, though. The ute I have is a 1971 sports model, very rare, and it used to be a rally
car, so the people who used to own it, a mechanic, swapped the whole driveline around in hope to make it stronger. You figure how it worked, cos I've had the car for 5 or 6 years now and have
broken 4 gearboxes, replaced my tailshaft and uni's about 20 times (that seems to have happened every time I went to do a burnout though) and now it seems that it isn't my diff centre, it
is my bearings that have gone. All of my funds are going to the "save the datto foundation". I would like to hear more about your ute. Mine has a A15 motor, some headwork done, and a 32/36(?)
weber on it! Is yours something similar? From ishlet.