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Re: 1200 ute driveline

Subject: Re: 1200 ute driveline
by shadow69181 on 2001/6/5 12:48:00

Depending on what gear box you've got or are getting. If its the 4 speed then you have to know there's 2 types. one come out on the A14-15 and the other came out on the A12.The 1400 and
1500 boxes were bigger than the 1200's. i've got one sitting in my shed at the moment.the ute driveline were stronger coz they were designed to take the "heavy" half tonne loads.The I've
only ever blown a gearbox up which was the stock unit that came with the car and the stock A12. Now i've got a worked A15 in it with a rare factory injection manifold, fully worked head,
68/75 race cam, high comp. pistons, 5 speed sunny box.i havent done a diff yet (touch wood), and i've upgraded brakes.