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Re: 1200 ute driveline

Subject: Re: 1200 ute driveline
by dattodude on 2001/6/5 6:42:00

Thanks for the encouragement, but fly, probably not. Although I expect it to be similar to Andrews beast. Maybe low 12s, But I'm hoping it'll be looking good also. Although Andrew's
'race-look' has it's merits for sure. And you only need to go to the drags when he's there, the interest in the crowd is noticable, the announcer on the PA builds it up and everyone
loves a datsun. I'm not one-eyed, it's just the way it is It's especially good when he blows away megabuck Subaru WRXs or the like. The blow to the other driver's ego is painful to

As the young fellas say when I'm cruisin'...'go the datto'.