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Re: Changing my clutch

Subject: Re: Changing my clutch
by woody on 2008/11/3 8:05:04

dead easy
1 undo the battery cables, and (optional) drain the box
2 whip the tailshaft out, if you didnt drain the box put a bung where the tailshaft goes into the back of the gearbox to stop the oil leaking.
3 support the motor with a jack
4 undo the speedo drive and reverse light switch wiring
5 back the clutch cable adjustment off to release the pressure on the clutch fork. the two 17mm nuts on the clutch cable at the firewall.
6 whip out the starter motor
7 undo the bellhousing bolts from up the top that you can get to.
8 support box with jack and unbolt mount and remaining bellhousing bolts.
9 evenly remove clutch pressure plate bolts in a hexagonal pattern so as not to bend the pressure plate.
10 remove clutch and then flywheel, get flywheel machined. note you must do this or otherwise problems will come out later on down the track.
EDIT: lube the gearbox points of contact for the clutch fork assembly and also replace the spigot bearing, this insures that you wont get a mad noise down the track when its siezed in the end od the crank lol
11 repeat steps using correct torque settings on the flywheel bolts (use loctite too) and also importantly the clutch plate alignment and the way you do up the pressure plate bolts. do them up in a hexagonal pattern at quarter of a ratchet turn each, doesnt sound like much but you can bend the pressure plate and damage the assembly if you dont do this properly.
if in doubt get somebody to help you.
cheers kurt