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Re: Changing my clutch

Subject: Re: Changing my clutch
by DatJaffa on 2008/11/3 8:05:18

Jack the car up.
Remove tail shaft marking the position on the coupling at the diff end.
Undoing the clutch cable and any wires that attached to the gear box.
Removing the bolts that join the gear box to the engine leaving 2 bolts on opp sides to hold it in place.
undo the gearbox mount.
then removing the 2 bolts left in the gearbox.
sliding the gearbox away from the motor.
then removing the preasure plate and clutch from the fly wheel.
Insepcting the fly wheel for warping or hot spots machine if necessary.
Inspect the oil seal for weaping replace if necessary.
checking the replacment clutch is the right one.
Replacing the clutch and the preasure plate and realligning with a sprocket tool to hold in place.
Tensioning the preasure plate bolts to specs in a x pattern.
replacing the throw bearing.
Re install the gearbox and clutch cable and then re install the tail shaft making sure to line up the marks on the tail shaft.
Adjust the clutch cable and your on your way.