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Re: Road tripping, wheres good??? advice needed

Subject: Re: Road tripping, wheres good??? advice needed
by old_school on 2009/4/26 4:45:32

Esperence is a great spot for photos and some of the best beaches in WA. Its worth going out to Orleans Bay (Warton)which is east of Esperance. Its a fishing town with a caravan park and not much else. But a awesome beach and good spot. On the way back to Esperance climb Mt Le Grand.

Lived in Albany for 2 yrs and its OK but you need a 4WD. If you can getsomeone to take you out to West Cape Howe its worth it. The Gap and coastline out their is pretty good. And bits of the National park are accessable with a road car. The Gap out their in my opinion is better than the one in town but only accessable by 4WD

I have toured most of WA and the whole south coast of Aust. Any questions just ask.

Good on ya