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re tire size sugestion and question

Subject: re tire size sugestion and question
by sqezin on 2001/8/21 5:58:00

on 13 x 7 rims im running 175 70 r13 up front and 205 60 r13 down back. ideally would like wider up front but $$$ for tyres. On another note, would rims from an n13 nissan pulsar fit on
the 1200 ute or would the pcd be wrong. A guy at work has a set of 13 x 7 csa's with two good 185 70 r13 yokohamas and two worn ones. I would swap the 205 60 r13 to the csa alloys but
scarred they will rub or the rims will have the wrong pcd and the tyres will fowl the body or suspension. $200 the lot. This looks good as my two rear rims are slightly buckled.