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Re: re tire size sugestion and question

Subject: Re: re tire size sugestion and question
by jaimecidpedro on 2001/8/23 5:27:00

14 inch wheels are Ok,I do use 14x8rear wheels with 205-55-14 and front 14x7 with 195-45-14 and works fine,and looks good,but my first choice is 13 inch size for this car,which lowers the
car more and has more rubber on the road. I personally do not like small datsuns with 15 or 16 or even 16 or larger wheels,the car just can not sport those larger diameters because it is a
small car. A late model honda,for example,is made with a very large wheel well,it will look weird with 13 inch tires because it was made for larger tires /wheels. It is a case of fitting
the right vehicle.Plus always a touch of personal taste. Good luck panameno,yo soy peruano.