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LOTS of q's regarding B10 1000

Subject: LOTS of q's regarding B10 1000
by HamzaLH on 2010/6/12 3:59:41

Firstly, what an awesome site ... Already learnt lots and im sure i wont stop learning ... I've loved my datsun for many years, but finally finally got my own little beast.

I will be in the process of fixing lots of little things on my new B10 1000 (Most of you will know the car) Pic Here ...

Because this is my first Datto, I have LOTS of questions ...

1) Has anyone ever used sound deadener? Im thinking about going with something Like This just to make it a little less noisy ...

2) Carpet - again another ebay job ... Any use these guys before? How well does it fit? At the moment there is a caramel colour carpet and it doesnt fit with the rest of the car.

3) Heaters - Has anyone put in a Heater in a 1000 B10 ... Does the 1200 heater box fit? Im not fussed about air con, but a heater is a must :P

4) Anyone have any "Datsun" & "Sunny" badges spare?

5) The radio/headunit seems to be just stuck in there, i dont think it will fit a single din cd player, any ideas on radios? I may put one in the glove box and mount speakers under the dash, but any ideas on covering / utilising the gap?

6) Its missing the cigarette lighter (well i think thats what goes in there, left of the radio) ... Any idea where i can get one? Or any ideas on what else i can put in there?

Im sure ill come up with other q's, but this will keep me buys for now ...

Any help is REALLY appreciated ...