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Re: Hitachi Carb From China?

Subject: Re: Hitachi Carb From China?
by grall3 on 2021/10/8 3:28:10

Hi chaps. I'm in Australia and have a stock a12 in a 120y. I bought the chinese Hitachi clone and have had it on my car for about 6 months. Firstly it fitted perfect, no modifications or chock cable issues. Second it ran perfect without the air filter assembly. Once it was all together 100% it runs very good. A #OOPS#e load better than my old flogged carb. The only issue I have is primary low rpm gentle accelerator usage. It has a small hesitation. Enough to annoy me a little bit. Heavy acceleratation its good. If choke is on primary low acceleration is smooth but higher up with secondaries open it hesitates. But other than that it is good. Cost me $90 AUD postage included.