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Re: A15 and Bluebird diff

Subject: Re: A15 and Bluebird diff
by shadow69181 on 2001/11/23 8:10:00

Mely, when i was hunting round for an LSD, i too thought about the bluebird option. trouble is, the blubirds only came with an LSD on very rare nizmo models.

Jeff Taylore, of JTS Performance, can hunt one down for you. i asked him myself if he was able to get them and he said he could but i'd be paying for it. somewhere along the lines of
$1500. good investment for a good ratio LSD to suit a ute housing.

i think those blubrid diffs do come with disc brakes and they more or less bolt straight on as the axles are the same size and the bolt spacing on the acking plate is the same as the
ute diff. just a matter of working out what your gonna do with the handbrake thats all.

as for an A15, from an importer, somewhere around 6-700. if they can get hold of an A15. most of them can only get A14's.