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Re: 1000 2door and coupe

Subject: Re: 1000 2door and coupe
by clyons8 on 2010/12/16 1:11:39

Anyone got some ideas on how to get them here? Costs, Time, Whats involved?

I would say $4000 maybe up to $6000 each as worse case scenario, but I would think you could land them here for half that if you played your cards right and had a connection or two. Time depends on what cargo vessel it goes on. Lots of paperwork.

But going by the username that is a Japanese second hand car trading company so it's right up their alley so to speak(exporting cars).

One cherry is a 100a and the other is a 120a I think, I thought it was one of those pulsars but I dunno. Wombat will confirm when he spots this.