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Re: F%#@ droped valve? Merry christmas

Subject: Re: F%#@ droped valve? Merry christmas
by mareospeedwagon on 2001/12/26 9:26:00

You CAN NOT use an A12 cam and distributor in the A!4 or A15 engines. The fuel pump and distributor are reversed from the A12 to the A14/A15 motors. The distributor is in the front of an
A12 motor but the fuel pump is in that same place in the A14/A15 motors. To use the A12 cam in the later motors, you would have to use an electric fuel pump and a crankfire ignition. An
appropriate cam would cost much less than a crankfire ignition. There are some other flaws in your facts and logic about the A-series motors but I would have to re-read all of the posts to
come up with them. You are pretty knowlegable about the motors but try to be more factual. Wrong information can cause someone else a lot of problems.