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Flattened rear springs.

Subject: Flattened rear springs.
by jaimecidpedro on 2001/12/20 5:18:00

I got,as I told you guys before,rear 2 inch decambered springs,and work fine.I read in a book that longer shackles help level the springs rear shackle to the front fixed spring
attaching point(level,otherwise the front rear spring perch,which is fixed,is lower than the rear shackle spring connection in a decambered -flattened spring) My question is,will a
longer shackle alter the height of the car? In a regularly curved spring this longer shackle would lift up the rear of the car,but since these springs are flattened,will it happen the
same? I do not want to raise the rear,would not mind it a little bit lower but not higher. Any comments will be appreciated.
Good day!