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Re: Rare!!!

Subject: Re: Rare!!!
by D on 2019/4/19 2:11:23

Thats the one I found on Yahoo Auction and put it on your other thread to get your interest

Glad you posted the pics because it is datsun history for no other time we know of Nissan
using such a transmission. Its a shame they didnt keep using it, instead going for the
conventional fwd side mounted transmission everyone else uses.

However I did pull on out from the wreckers a long time ago thinking I would do a rwd
datsun 1000 ute with it but the weight was ridiculous. Easily the weight of an A15
therefore why Nissan gave up on it for the E series donks yet handling was sweet and
Clutch changes in 15-30 minutes quite possible, a real shame about the weight.