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Re: DatNats 2013.. Whats your plans.

Subject: Re: DatNats 2013.. Whats your plans.
by Dattogal on 2013/4/1 10:31:10

Had a great day at the show n shine yesterday... love love LOVE Simon's coupe.
That thing is a wicked beast.

So wish I could have had my datto down there, not that it's pretty to look at, just so there were more 1200's to even out the no's with the Zs.

The green ute with the ridiculous exhaust belongs to a bloke called Buckley, I don't think he's on here but he comes to all the jap classic days and a couple of cruises so he must frequent the other forums.

1200rallycar's coupe looked pretty nice he even got some interest from people not married to him after he opened his engine bay...

Does anyone know who owns the NSW plates white wagon with the CA?? "omg" it had the neatest engine bay. Looked mint

Alright I'm done gushing now. Really nice to catch up with all the old faces, and a few new ones

DG xx