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Re: 1200 bonnet lining to reduce noise

Subject: Re: 1200 bonnet lining to reduce noise
by teajc on 2012/7/28 5:40:41

The problem with a car like a Datsun is there are many sources (ie holes/gaps) where the noise will come through into the cabin. Think about all those holes in the firewall and gearbox area, even wheel wells produce a large amount of noise. In modern day cars they spend huge amounts of money on putting as much acoustic treatment inside the vehicle as possible to minimise road noise getting in. Noise wasn't a high priority in the 1970s.

Whilst the bonnet lining may reduce some of the noise, I highly doubt it will have a significant impact in reducing the noise in the cabin. Sound behaves like water, if there is a gap, it'll get through. You'd need to start plugging every single hole.

But I may be wrong, I'd happily eat my words if it's successful :)