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Re: Wow, OS Giken TC24-B1Z- DOHC L series

Subject: Re: Wow, OS Giken TC24-B1Z- DOHC L series
by Shoota_77 on 2013/11/10 7:55:14


D wrote:
Are they NA pistons? or you running higher comp with low boost???
They look amazing quality.

They're 9.5:1. I got them custom made (from CP in USA) to achieve those specs. I'll probably only run about 20 psi boost (more if it'll take it!). I'll see how it goes on 98 RON but the car will be running flex fuel (3 dimensional fuel/timing/ignition maps based on ethanol content) so it can run on E85. E85 should give it a lot better boost ceiling than the normal fuel. Chasing 450kw at the wheels on E85.

Les Collins makes an amazing engine! They look fantastic with the KA24 top end on them.