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Re: Ideal diff length. R31 shortening

Subject: Re: Ideal diff length. R31 shortening
by CA_1200_project on 2014/2/18 19:44:38

The suspension setup (4 link with adjustable watts link) I want to run I have spoken to engineer and he wasn't keen on signing off on it. There is nothing illegal about what im doing and it is a passable modification but he basically put it in his too hard basket as the category the ar will then go in is totally different to his initial assessment.
'Go and see if another engineer will help you' after taking my money was even mentioned.
There has been many inconsistancys in the engineering (same guy) over the Datsun community with what's good and what's not.
I did discuss with him what will be on the report in regards to the r31 diff on leaf springs that's already completed and under my ute and if changing to the 4link once certified and I got a smile and said 'well yeah what happens after i do final inspection is then out of my hands' .
Il get it passed with one diff and then change it be sending diff housing to engineering fabricator to get shortened and axles done soon.
(Club rego is more looking like a viable option with this car)