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Re: DIY GILMER Drive A-Series

Subject: Re: DIY GILMER Drive A-Series
by dattoman_1000 on 2020/7/8 12:23:41

I'm interested in a pulley

But it's a weird one
I want a V belt and a ribbed belt... and I see you do these
But I also want to add a crank angle sensor wheel to the back of it
Can this be done with the existing ones you do ?
And I want a spigot on the front to accept a toothed gear for running the dry sump pump.

So something like this crank wheel
And this spigot drive and spigot
Not specifically these units... just examples off the net

The pulley I would want a bit of weight in it like a proper harmonic damper ... -vk56-crank-trigger-disc/ ... ptor-with-19t-htd-pulley/