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Re: tuning the A series

Subject: Re: tuning the A series
by nismo1 on 2014/10/28 17:11:46

Just a quick question for anybody that has watched the vid of david vizard. In the vid he said that the A series mini likes the petrol droplets and not the fine spray so what is the case with the A series datsun. The way i see it is the fuel and air have gotta mix which brings me back to a discussion quite a time back[datsun 1200 club]So is it t/bodies or sidies. i've tried to google 1200 builds to learn from the others but every time the A series mini comes up or L series.The chrome mani he spoke about is also quitea story cos i always thought it causes more heat.Like to hear what the master builders think. I saw theres a chap in oz i think that has a 1200 with a honda cbr head --couldnt open the pics though. ALWAYS looking for new ideas