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A14 Run in?

Subject: A14 Run in?
by davem69 on 2014/12/22 20:07:42

Guys my A14 I got on the road a few weeks ago Its a mild rebuild
1ml over size pistons and a good cam. I was told to do a bit of hill work to labour bit to bed rings in.
Well I did a fair bit of that. But when I 1st had it going we found my elec dizzy to be no good.
So went back to points.
But my 1st drive of it was running Like #OOPS# like it was on 3.
And that was over 100k,s round trip to get back to Mechanic.
After that still did run real good for a while till after I had
Done the 1st 1000ks and did the big svs. Tuned it a bit better but still pined a little under Load..
So my fear is that One I gave it a bit of a rough time reving to high in the 1st 500 and I didn't do the uneven speed's on high way Driving as some one else told me about that NOT MY MECHANIC?
So Its Still not 100% But a lot better after buying new carbie..
I would hope not have to Pull it down again
Or maybe I could use my Holly fuel pump and get it tuned on the dyno? I just Don't want to #OOPS# it up it has good power after 3000 revs