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Turbo EFI A12 for under $1200. Discussion thread

Subject: Turbo EFI A12 for under $1200. Discussion thread
by sikyne on 2015/3/11 6:07:00

For a long time ive wanted to put together a simple Turbo A12 setup that retains the use of all the standard running gear and keeps an almost standard appearance. I'd like to keep it very simple using as many standard parts as I can to make it easier for people to copy.

It will be fuel injected with ignition control as well.

Power will probably be in the range of 50 to 70 Kw atw(Stock A12 is 20-25KW). I think it is important to keep these figures reasonable to be able to use the standard gearbox as beefing up gearboxes is $$ and not easy to do.

I'll do a step by step and a parts list for anyone wanting to follow along. Be prepared for a few bumps and laughs along the way(probably mostly from/at my ideas)!

Stay tuned for Part 1 next week... The EFI manifold.

The build thread: ... e=&topic_id=64661&forum=9