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Re: Help me value a NOS GX Cylinder Head, Datsun Competition?

Subject: Re: Help me value a NOS GX Cylinder Head, Datsun Competition?
by clyons8 on 2015/5/25 1:38:08

I think choppedsprings was referring to u wanting top dollar + 75% when u sell stuff....

Please spare me the armchair judgement.......although I cannot blame you, as you probably haven't thought about it.

Shipping is immensely expensive from PNG, for example; this is the freight bill for an EGI Manifold and ECU sent to Benny in NSW. See that the bill is PGK415.00 this translates to AUD$190.90.

My price to benny was AUD$550 delivered which equates to a sale of AUD$359.10 for an EGI Manifold + E15ET Computer + Injectors + Throttle Body. Tell me that isnít a bargain? That makes the shipping over 50% on top of the item value.

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There is a cheaper shipping method but unfortunately it takes a month or so and from experience, I get a lot of angry customers when their purchase is slow or not track able.

If you have any objections to my prices, do me a favour & grant me the opportunity to explain these costs before jumping to any unintelligent conclusions, alternatively, take the opportunity to ignore it and find something else to get unhappy about.